Thursday, 7 November 2013

The nature of being female - Part Three

Part Three

Having shown how what DEFINES us girls and makes us inherently inferior to Men is simply HAVING a cunt i'm now going to try to explain HOW it is that HAVING a cunt leads inevitably to BEING a cunt.

In the first place we've already seen that science has discovered that the female brain is directly and intimately linked to the cunt and any activity in the cunt directly stimulates and gives pleasure to the brain.

We also know that the cunt, like a girl's tits, is specifically designed by nature to give pleasure to Men when they use it.

It follows that the greatest possible stimulation of the female occurs when a girl is being fucked. The obvious conclusion is that she will be more intelligent by being fucked and that fucking her cunt is the best way to impart superior Male Truth inside her.

We also know from science that a girl who is raped rather than 'consensually' fucked or 'made love to' will experience a HIGHER degree of stimulation and be MORE alert during and after the experience and therefore rape is the most effective tool for educating and training females.

We also know from science that a girl who is raped will orgasm while with 'consensual' fucking and 'lovemaking' she hardly ever does so actually the rapist is giving the girl PLEASURE by raping her.

A cunt was designed and destined to be fucked, used and yes, raped by Men. Rape is the norm in the animal kingdom and SHOULD be among human females too.

So a girl who's a virgin will be LESS intelligent and LESS happy than a girl who gets fucked regularly; a girl who gets fucked 'consensually' will be LESS intelligent and LESS happy than a girl who gets raped.

So rape makes you more intelligent AND happier!

The problem is that most of the time one of the following things is going wrong.

1 Her cunt isn't being used at all
2 Her cunt isn't being used enough
3 Her cunt isn't being used in the right way
4 Her cunt is being used selfishly

The first point is obvious; if the girl's a virgin all her life she'l never get to experience Male Truth. She'll always be stupid and she'll never find happiness.

The second point is also fairly obvious. If a girl isn't getting fucked often enough she'll always be pretty stupid, full of ignorance and lies and miserable most of her life.

The third is complex. What exactly are right and wrong (or at least better and worse) ways of using a cunt?

It's obvious that a cunt was designed to be fucked so by definition lesbianism is a WRONG use of a cunt. Since we also know that rape is superior to 'consensual' fucking we can make the stronger claim that a cunt is not only designed to be fucked by Men but specifically to be RAPED by them. Just as lesbianism is a WRONG use of a cunt, rape is the RIGHT use of it. As rape is the best way of using a cunt we can also deduce that 'consensual' fucking and 'lovemaking' are WRONG ways of using a cunt.

Selfish ways of using a cunt include masturbation and cunnilingus. If a Man is raping a girl's cunt He's fulfilling its true biological destiny; if a girl is just frigging herself off or, even worse, having her cunt tongued by a dyke or (worse still) a Gentleman then he cunt is being used in a SELFISH way purely for her own gratification. With rape it's different; the girl's cunt is being used PROPERLY to give pleasure to the Man raping her but by doing so He ALSO gives her pleasure.

Once again i come back to the fundamental truth that females are defined primarily by their cunts

We HAVE a cunt; that DEFINES us AS a cunt.


  1. I know that as a female, I should be bent over a table and have the philosophy of superior Male Truth imparted into me all night long. But the Male who is imparting his Truth into me wants me to try something really freaky that I'm not comfortable with...nested conditional proofs. Should I go along with it, no matter how rough? Or am I, as a female, just not deserving of his mighty nested conditional proofs?

  2. Yes, you should go along with whatever He wishes. As a female you are just not deserving of any kind of rights.