Thursday, 28 July 2011

Man the giver of life; woman the vessel that contains it

Man the giver of life; woman the vessel that contains it:On every level men show themselves to be our superiors. Us girls might retort that only we can have babies, but it's not actually true. Yes, only we can carry and deliver them, but  without the male sperm to fertilise our egss we'd stay barren. Even if our pregnancy comes  about through artificial insemination it's still the man's sperm that brings life into the  world and irrigates our barren wombs.

So man  is the bringer of life, the creator of life. A female is only a vessel that  houses the life he gives until the time comes to deliver his gift to the world. The role of a girl in conception is just lie back and enjoy it while the man does all the work - thrusting inside her, sending his tadpoles on their way. Even inside the body, most sperm die, because the journey up from the girl's cunt to her ovaries is such an epic struggle that only the strongest sperm survive.

Basically, we're just baby carriers, a sort of covered pram with flesh. Us girls are  incapable of creating life
 unless the man  does the hard work of fertilising our lazy eggs that just wait for him to appear!

I think this is the basic truth  behind the Bible story of Adam and Eve. Obvously women are not made out of an extra male rib, but we ARE secondary to men and can ONLY come into existence through HIS efforts and NOT through our own.

Because we ARE secondary, we are less important, less valuable even. Instead of saying  "women and children first," maybe we OUGHT to be saying "men and boys first."  In the great scale of human life, girls really don't MATTER that much. They've contributed  almost NOTHING to science, mathematics, music, paintings. sculpture and philosophy and very  LITTLE to literature. In politics their involvement has been disastrous.

We need to STOP trying to pretend we're as good or as important as men.

We need to ACCEPT that we ARE inferior and that without them we'd all still be living in  caves (if we hadn't all dies out altogether!)

Let's just be GRATEFUL to men for giving us the chance to house and deliver the gift of  life that only THEY bring into the world.

Thank you for your gift of life, Gentlemen!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My message board deleted by Proboards.

Well, after achieving the dizzy heights of eleven members my proboards forum was deleted today.

I've no idea why - there's just a message where my site was saying "this account has been suspended in accordance with rule 25a" which basically means they can bin your forum without even having to give any reason.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Dominance and abuse - a clarification

I've had some interesting feedback from the girl who inspired my previous post.

In the light of what she said I think I need to clarify my position.

I've said I think rape should be legalised.

That's something I've posted already here and on other sites and it's got me a fair bit of abuse.

Let's put it in context.

When I was 18 years old I WAS raped.

It was my fault; I was leading the man on, dressed like a slut and drunk.

What shook me rigid was that I CAME as a result of being raped.

I had an ORGASM when I was raped.

That profoundly changed my view of sexual relations.

I'll write more tomorrow but I have to go to bed now.