Monday, 23 March 2015

Personality and personhood - Part Two

Before I touch on the various changes needed in the legal, criminal, political, economic and social system I want to talk about the psychology of male truth.

How does it affect a woman?

How should it affect her?

What changes in her attitudes and behaviour does she need to make?

How should mean feel and behave towards her once they've realised and understood male truth?

These are related but different questions and it's often harder to change attitudes within than to behave in a certain way out of conscious determination to show a new face to the world.

So I'll begin with the hardest aspect of male truth, the way it affects a female's perception of herself and her role in the world.

Perhaps the most difficult point to grasp is that we are DEFINED by our body parts. Because we HAVE a cunt we are inherently inferior to a man. He fucks us and we are fucked; he rapes us and we are raped; he commands us and we obey.

We simply ARE cunts because we HAVE cunts.

That is a hard enough truth for us to grasp but when we also come to realise that we should be ASHAMED of our cunts, DESPISE our gaping, stinking hole between our legs that is even harder to accept.

Even many anti-feminist females can't make that leap forward from accepting that men are superior to recognising that the SOURCE of their own inferiority is biological.

It's BECAUSE we have a cunt that we're inferior.

The root of all our faults - our lower intelligence, lesser physical strength, lower imagination, lower rationality and so on - comes from that simple fact.

We are females; we have a cunt.

Again I've hear anti-feminist women react when they're presented with that fact with a mixture of denial and despair.

'But it's not my fault!' they wail.

No, it's not; it's just an accident of birth that with a roughly equal chance of being born male or female us girls drew the short straw.

But it isn't a question of fault or choice; you might as well say someone born a Siamese twin can't be blamed for what they are.

But there are CONSEQUENCES to everything in life.

A cripple is not going to outsprint Usain Bolt.

A moron is not going to become a scientist.

Trailer trash are not going to become President.

And in the same way women can't hope to rise to the same level of ability or success as a man.

Sure, you can find exceptions - there are women who, as Nietzsche said, have a masculine spirit and there are men who are sissified wimps and vacuous wastes of space.

But in the case of each gender we're talking about a tiny minority so MOST men ARE capable, strong, clever, gifted, natural leaders and MOST women are weak, incapable, stupid, talentless and natural followers

It really is nature's way for men to rule and women to follow.

It's nature's way for men to command and women to obey.

It's nature's way for men to think and take decisions and for women not to think and to let men take decisions for them.

So it's not a question of our natural inferiority to men being our fault; it's just as much a consequence of being born female, born with a cunt, as if we were born with missing limbs or a brain defect.

In fact these two metaphors are good comparisons because of course we ARE born with a 'missing' part - the male cock of which our clit is simply an evolutionary vestige rather like our rudimentary tails or the male nipple. Our clits never evolved into cocks any more than a man's nipples evolved into milk producers.

In the same way our lesser intelligence is rooted in evolution and science.

The female brain is smaller than the male and it's MORE closely related to apes than the male brain.

We are a LESS evolved species than men.

Our brains are intimately and directly connected to our cunts which is not the case with the male cock.

Once again it's clear our inferiority is genetic.

We are females; we have a cunt.

THAT is the source of our inferiority.

But why, some anti-feminist females still say, should we feel ASHAMED of what we are and how we were born? We can no more help being born with a cunt than we could help being born crippled.

True, but just as a cripple must recognise their inferiority to the able-bodied so females must recognise their own inferiority to males.

It is innate, inherent, genetic and NO amount of education, positive discrimination or equally futile attempts to stop the earth rotating will work.

Nature made us girls inherently inferior to men and no amount of posturing will change that

Understand that a female IS and always WILL be inferior to men.

We SHOULD feel ashamed of our weakness, immaturity, stupidity, lack of leadership and lack of talent.

The idea that a lesser being - what science shows clearly is actually a lesser SPECIES than men and not fully human at all - should be given the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as men is absurd.

The idea that a lesser being can ever look after themselves - let alone have responsibility for others - is insane.

In every area of society and every aspect of life men need to be given priority and assume their natural role as leaders.

Whether it's politics, law, economy, education, the media or the family the rule has to be the same.

Men should be in charge and take the decisions.

Women should be subservient and follow male orders.

That's nature's way and only the poisonous propaganda of feminism has led us away from the truth!