Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Does a woman "own" her body?

Does a woman "own" her body?

I've already shown how rape is REALLY the best CONSENSUAL sex you can have with a girl.

It's more fun for the man than straight vanilla sex, which is the most IMPORTANT thing about it.

The girl will probably come and have the BEST orgasm of her life, which shows yet again that girls not only DO always CONSENT to being raped but that their bodies are actually programmed to respond that way and that in spite of what they SAY, they REALLY do PREFER to be raped!

The fact that girls respond BETTER to being raped than to straight sex PROVES not only that we DON'T "own" our bodies but that our bodies were DESIGNED to be owned by and used by MEN!

Then there’s the simple fact that our bodies are BUILT to be fucked by men and that our cunt was designed in such a way that it was MADE to be penetrated forcefully by the male organ.

Our tits produce milk; who for? For us? No, for the babies we were put on earth to deliver and look after.

So our tits weren’t given to us for OUR benefit; they were given to us so that they could SERVE our babies and be used as a source of nourishment.

Our cunt wasn’t given to us for OUR benefit (other than to piss out of, that is); it was given to us so that it could be fucked my men and they could give us the gift of life so we could have babies for them.

They’re not MY tits; they belong to my baby. Or to the man who, as all natural biology shows, OWNS my body. My tits belong to him!

It’s not MY cunt; it belongs to the man who fucks me. HE is the one who OWNS my body and my cunt belongs to him.

The same is true of my arse and my gob. If he wants to use them for his pleasure then it’s HIS right to do so.

Same with abortion and contraception; it’s HIS right to decide on those issues and NOT mine. I can put my opinion forward but it has to be HIM who takes the final decision.

So, in answer to the feminist lie, women CAN’T do what they like with “their” bodies because THEY don’t OWN “their” bodies.

The MEN own our bodies and that’s a simple fact of nature!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cuntish attitudes

Cuntish attitudes:

Eva Figes wrote a lousy book called "Patriarchal Attitudes." One day, if I can find the time, I MIGHT be bothered to write one called "Cuntish Attitudes."

Figes, like me, HAS a cunt and therefore (even if she HADN'T written that crock of fucking cowshit!) IS a cunt. Having written that load of twat talk just makes her even WORSE than a common or garden cunt. She's a cunting cuntish CUNTIST cunt!

And they're the absolute WORST sort of cunt!

ALL girls are DEFINED by HAVING a cunt. Most of us wish we DIDN'T but we're stuck with the fucking hole!

The PROPER attitude for a REAL girl is to be SAD that she's got a cunt and ASHAMED of having a cunt!

Cuntists are not only GLAD that they've got a cunt; they're even PROUD of it!

(How sad is that? Being PROUD of having a gaping, stinking, dirty hole between your legs instead of a manly cock?)

So what IS cuntism? Cuntism is the REAL ideology of the variety of twat talk that goes by the name of "feminism."

What are the ultimate GOALS of cuntism? We've already seen (read "Why feminism sucks") that it's NOT about equality (more on THAT word and its REAL meaning in another post).

So what DO cuntists want? What they "really really want" is a gynocratic dictatorship, or, to use a more APPROPRIATE word, a "cuntatorship."

Instead of realising that having a cunt make girls inherently INFERIOR to men, cuntists think it makes them SUPERIOR.

Instead of realising that it makes them inherently STUPID, cuntists think it makes them CLEVERER.

Instead of realising it makes them inherently EVIL, they think it makes them morally BETTER than men.

Instead of realising that its main purpose is so that men can fuck them, THEY think it's all about thier own SELFISH gratification.

So what's the most basic and fundamental of all these cuntish attitudes?

ARROGANCE, that's what!

Fucking cuntish arrogance!

THEY think their body belongs to them to do whatever they like with it!

THEY think it's THEIR choice who or even IF they fuck anyone.

THEY think it's THEIR choice to have abortions, use birth control, initiate or deny sex whnever THEY feel like it, all on the basis of their OWN selfish fucking wishes.

THEY think a man should be grateful to THEM for "letting" him fuck them!

They even want to establish a cuntatorship to enforce their cowshit!

Well, moronic fucking twat bitches, you've got it all arse upwards!

What the fuck have YOU got to be ARROGANT about?

You OUGHT to be HUMBLE in the presence of a man because HE'S got a prick and YOU'VE only got a cunt!

He's your SUPERIOR and always WILL be.

Cuntism is a sick, disgusting perversion of the NATURAL and MORAL order of things where men RULE and girls SERVE.

It needs to be stamped out RUTHLESSLY and the true NATURAL and MORAL order restored!

The sooner the better!

Back to basics

Back to basics:

Like I said in my last post, everything suddenly clicked into place and made perfect sense.

I HAVE a cunt; therefore I AM a cunt.

Girls HAVE cunts; therefore girls ARE cunts.

I eagerly read on to find out more. Soon I discovered the inherent CONSEQUENCES Of HAVING and therefore of BEING a cunt.

I also started learning (and very slowly UNDERSTANDING) the new words and concepts of the philosophy.

Cuntishness, cuntish attitudes, cuntish behaviour, cunstruation, cuntariness, cuntracuntion, cuntism - the list went on.

In my head the words kept banging away like a chorus in a pop song.

"Because I HAVE a cunt, I AM a cunt."

Slowly other sentences and ideas permeated and began to enlarge and develop that basic philosophy. I'll try and summarise.

With perfect logic and balance, the new philosophy began to sink in. I learned that my cunt - ANY girl's cunt - was the source of all evil and stupidity in the world. (Don't we say "stupid cunt" or even just "you cunt" to express disgust or to say how stupid or nasty we think someone is?) I realised it was my CUNT that made me stupid, selfish,the bull inconsiderate, cruel, rude, lazy, a prick teaser, whorish, a slut, a compulsive liar, disobedient, disrespectful and all the other bad things I'd said or done, all the bad attitudes I'd had.

It was all because I had a CUNT!

HAVING a cunt - being BORN with a fucking cunt! - doomed me and ALL girls perpetually to BE cunts!

All the bullshit - more appropriately, the COWSHIT - of feminism - more accurately described by the NEW term of "cuntism," - suddenly washed away from me for ever.

I understood at last aht HAVING a cunt meant that I WAS a cunt.

My cunt, and ALL cunts, were the source of ALL the evil and stupidity in the world.

EVERYTHING is the fault of us cunts and EVERYTHING we do wrong - which is EVERYTHING we do - is BECAUSE we HAVE a cunt!

Simple, innit?

Friday, 20 May 2011

On the fundamental difference between men and girls

(Part three, "New thinking, new language")

The new ideas were racing around my head and then I suddenly grasped the most undamental one of all the new principles.

I was reading about cuntishness, cuntish attitudes, cuntish behaviour and cuntism. (I'll explain more in my next post). Then it suddenly hit me like a fucking express train!

OK, I'd always known I HAD a cunt.

OK, I've often been told I AM a cunt.

I'd even learned to ACCEPT that I WAS a cunt and so were ALL us girls.

What I HADN:'T realised until I found the new ideas was WHY I was a cunt and WHY all us girls were cunts.

It's fucking obvious, really, when you think about it but to a stupid fucking cunt like me it came as another mystical revelation that suddenly made SENSE out of everything.

I went through it again in my mind and it all clicked into place suddenly.

All girls ARE cunts.

All girls HAVE cunts.

I'm a girl so I'm a cunt.

All girls HAVE cunts.

I'm a girl so I have a cunt.

BECAUSE I have a cunt, I AM a cunt.

Simple, innit?

The first principle: unselfishness

(This is part two of "New thinking, new language"

The first principle: selfishness and unselfishness:

The new language of the Copernican revolution in gender studies is often hard to grasp. Some of the words, like some of the ideas, are complicated. Anyway, I'll start by outlining some of the BASIC ideas that underpin the philosophy.

Established words are used in a very DIFFERENT way from previous thinkers. A lot of new words are also needed to be coined to explain the new ideas.

The most fundamental principles of the philosophy are fairness, justice, equality, unselfishness, kindness, consideration, politenees and truth. All these words are now used in a completely different way from the way they are now.

The one that hit me hardest was the new realisation of what unselfishness really meant. Till then I'd thought that men who raped a girl or whatever WERE being selfihs but that they were entitled because the girl DESERVED what she was getting. Now I understood that the MAN is behaving UNSELFISHLY and only the GIRL is being selfish.

That REALLY hit me hard. For the first time I understood how fucking selfish and unreasonable I'd been at the age of 18 to not only say "no" when a man wanted to fuck me but to lead him on before!

It was suddenly obvious to me that the man who raped me had been acting UNSELFISHLY and that the only SELFISH person in the whole business was ME.

Him raping me was an act of UNSELFISHNESS and me saying no was a SELFISH ction!

Whenever a man rapes a girl he'S acting UNSELFISHLY and whenever a girl says NO she's being SELFISH!

That was the first new revelation. I soon started to see others.

Before long I saw clearly there was a perfect balance in the way gender relations SHOULD be.

Girls are selfish; men are unselfish.

Girls are liars; men are truthful.

Girls are stupid; men are wise.

And so it went on. Everthing BAD seeemd to come from us girls; everything GOOD seemed to be down to men.

Our selfishness is shown at its worst by the feminist scum. Men show their unselfishness in every aspect of life.

As I studied the new ideas further I understood WHY.

But that's for my next blog post!

(Aren't I a selfish little tease of a girl?)

New thinking, new language

In "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" Thomas Kuhn showns how scientific change and new scientific ideas actually come about and get accepted. You start off believing like everyone else does and then you slowly start to question it. You start looking at other ideas that seem better able to explain things and start evolving a new theory to explain them.

The theory is always dismissed at crap at first and then slowly gets looked at in a less hostile way. Then it starts to get accepted and eventually becomes a new orthodoxy.

Kuhn calls the point of transformation a "paradigm shift" and what he says about scientific change is just as true about social and ideological change, of course.

We've been subjected to the dominant ideology of feminism for the last hundred years or so. It began by being dismissed, slowly made progress and now dominates (and ruins) the lives of millions.

What we need now is another paragidm shift, away from feminism and on to a new and still evolving ideology.

Right now it hasn't even got a name, really,. "Post-feminism" won't work because it's just accepting the injustices created by feminism and saying "enough is enough; we're happy."

Men's rights movements tend to be too timid and modest in their airms.

Masculism is the nearest fit to a new paragidm but even that isn't quite right. Too often it's just macho posturing by BDSM enthusiasts or else a cover for misogyny.

What we NEED is a new paradigm shift, a new "Copernican revolution," espsecially in terms of gender relations.

A couple of years ago my eyes were opened when I joined a message board. The owner has created a new sort of explanation in which all the random things I'd known or believed already in an unsystematic way suddenly made sense.

Let's recap on where my head was at that time. From the age of 18 onwards I'd realised through personal experience that there was nothing WRONG with Gentlemen raping us girls. I also knew I was worthless as an individual and so were ALL females.

What I HADN'T realised was WHY those things were true. I didn't understand that men are women are polar opposites in every way, or that the natural superiority of Men was BIOLOGICAL rather than cultural or environmental.

I also hadn't realised that it wasn't just that "raping" us girls was never WRONG but that it was positively RIGHT.

These ideas came as a revelation to me. Just as my "rape" at the age of 18 opened my eyes to my own inherent worthlessness and the innate worthlessness of ALL females, so these ideas hit my mind. It was as profound a mystical experience as my "rape" had been.

This realisation changed my life. At last I could make SENSE out of what until then had been only emotions rather than fully formed ideas. Now the TRUTH was plain to see and I understand my PROPER place in the world and the PROPER role and function of us girls.

Of course we need new terms to describe and explain the new thinking, the new relationships we need to put into place and a new model for society.

I'll go into more detail in my follow-up blog posts on this subject. I think I'll startt by outlining the fundamental ideas behind the new model of society and show how the new language points, as clearly as a compass, towards the brave new world of our better future.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Why "rape" is a victimless crime

Why rape is a victimless crime:

Feminists like to pretend that a gilr who gets fucked "against her will" or "without her consent" is a "rape victim."


Or, more appropriately in THEIR case, cowshit! Or femshit!

Let's look at all the MANY reasons WHY "rape" IS a VICTIMLESS "crime."

In the first place, either the girl ENJOYED what happened or she didn't.

If she ENJOYED it then (even if she DIDN'T want it originally) NO harm was done and she simply had throughly PLEASURABLE sex.

The mere fact she ENJOYED it shows she CONSENTED to it.

If she DIDN'T enjoy it then there's something fundamentally WRONG with her sexual desires because rape is the BEST fucking sex a girl can ever HAVE! She obviously needs to be "raped" again and agin till she DOES learn to enjoy it!

So rape is either giving the girl pleasure (in which case she CAN'T be any sort of a victim) or else it's EDUCATING her in the FINER things of life (in which case she's no more a "rape Victim" than a student at university is an "education victim.")

Secondly, either she WANTED to be fukced or she didn't.

If she WANTED to be fucked she got her wish so no harm at all was done and she only received pleasure and satisfaction.

If she DIDN'T want to be fucked then she needs to do some serious self-examination, not to mention self-criticism.

WHY didn't she want to be fucked?

Isn't she FLATTERED that a Superior Gentleman WANTED to fuck HER?

Is she an arrogant bitch who thinks her cunt is something SPECIAL?

iS she a fucking dyke?

Is she a fucking prick-teasing bitch?

She OUGHT to feel flattered.

If she's arrogant then she needs to learn humility.

If she's a dyke she needs to be shown what she's missing out on through NOT getting fucked by a real MAN.

If she's a prick-teaser she needs to be taught a lesson because cock-teasing bitches are nothing but bullies and DESERVE to be punished for their disgusting behaviour.

(I used to be one and I got raped and I thoroughly DESERVED what happened to me. I fucking LOVED it as well when it happened!)

Thirdly, was she a virgin when she was raped?

If she was and she was also over the age of consent then WHY the fuck was she STILL a virgin?

Being a virgin OVER the age of consent makes the girl one out of three thoroughly nasty things.

She's either a dyke, a prick-teaser or an arrogant bitch who thinks HER cunt is somehow something SPECIAL. 

In all three of these cases she DESERVES to be punished and rape is the most appropriate way of punishing her.

It's entirely HER fault that she got raped.

If she WASN'T a virgin when she was raped then what's she COMPLAINING about?

She already KNOWS what her cunt's for!

Other than to piss out of, its ONLY other purpose is so that she can be FUCKED up it or of course give birth to babies through it.

By trying to STOP a Superior Gentleman fucking her she's not only denying her own biological purpose but she's being totally disrespectful and DESERVES to be punished for her lousy fucking attitude!

Whatever way you look at it, it's ALWAYS the girl's fault if she gets raped.

And, of course, whatever way you look at it, "rape" is a victimless crime.

She's not a "rape victim," just a very LUCKY girl!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Girls closer to apes than Men are, scientists say

Women found genetically closer to chimpanzees than are men
   Men more different from chimps than women, say boffins

    By Lewis Page
    Posted in Biology, 14th January 2010 12:47 GMT

    In genetic terms, as everyone but religious extremists acknowledges, human beings are in general very similar indeed to chimpanzees. However, scientists have now discovered that the Y chromosomes - found only in the males - of the two species are extremely dissimilar.

    The new study is reported this week in hefty boffinry mag Nature, covering a study by David Page of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, America, and his colleagues.

    According to the boffins' analysis, most parts of the human and chimp (Pan troglodytes) genome are very similar, differing by "less than one per cent" in gene number. But the human male's Y chromosome is hugely more complex than that of our remote arboreal cousins.

    The chimp Y chromosome has only two-thirds as many distinct genes or gene families as the human Y chromosome and only 47% as many protein-coding elements.

    The massive divergence between the relatively basic chimp male chromosome and the complex, information-packed one found in men is theorised to be the result of rapid evolution taking place over the six to seven million years since humanity's remote ancestors split off from those of chimps.

"If you're marching along the human chromosome 21, you might as well be marching along the chimp chromosome 21. It's like an unbroken piece of glass," Page tells Nature.
But the relationship between the human and chimp Y chromosomes has been blown to pieces;

    What this means, of course, is that women are in fact much closer genetically to being chimps than men are. Some have even interpreted the research to mean that men are more evolved than women, having left their heritage as apes further behind than the ladies.

    Technically speaking this is correct, but Page and his colleagues caution that most of the rapid changes taking place in men haven't involved anything that modern civilisation would necessarily regard as evidence of superiority: the shift from poo-flinging to speech and writing as means of expressing oneself, for instance, is unrelated to the Y chromosome.

    What the Y chromosome is mainly about, seemingly, is spunkiness.

    "When we sequenced the chimp genome people thought we'd understand why we have language and write poetry," says;But one of the most dramatic differences turns out to be sperm production."
On this basis yoou might assume that women's bodies would be more hairy than men's. But evolution does not always work out as one expects:"

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Myth of Consent

The myth of “consent”

What women SAY when they claim they’ve been “raped” is that they didn’t “consent” to have sex with the man they claim “raped” them. Apart from the fact that most “rape” claims are false and the woman is deliberately lying about the true facts of the case, there’s also the fact that in her mind there’s often a great deal of confusion about both what happened and what she actually wanted.

Consent is always one of the key issues when the crime of rape occurs. There are obviously other situations where it's relevant - perhaps most clearly in the questions of assisted suicide, abortion, mental illness and substance abuse. Maybe surprisingly, even consensual sexual activity can still attract the attention of the law.

With consent there are three key words that qualify it. If you take the view (as, for instance, some extreme feminists do, and are trying to have their ideas enshrined in US law right now - I'll dig out chapter and verse to prove I'm not just making it up!) that only if the woman gives the most unambiguously explicit (preferably written) consent to being fucked is acceptable as proof OF consent, you're going to face a LOT of problems.

For starters, if this requirement for EXPLICIT and UNEQUIVOCAL consent has to be in place for any act to be lawful, by definition every abortion MUST be illegal since the foetus clearly DIDN'T give his or her explicit CONSENT to a termination.

On the other hand, if explicit consent HAS been given, assisted suicide CANNOT be a crime. That would make ALL abortions illegal and ALL assisted suicides legal!

Now let's look at the second kind of consent, "tacit" or "implicit" consent. LOADS of bloke (I speak from personal experience on this one LOL!) believe that when a girl invites them in for a coffee she's offering sex. Sometimes she is; sometimes she isn't; and sometimes she hasn't made up her mind which it is. It’s basically arguable that she OUGHT to have made up her mind what she wants BEFORE she asks the bloke in and that if she DID get raped in those sort of sets of circumstances it’s all HER fault for giving mixed messages and not making her mind up! My advice to girls is pretty simple – if you DON’T want him to fuck you then DON’T ask him in. Otherwise you’ve only got yourself to blame if he DOES rape you!

And of course most blokes think that buying a girl a meal or even a few drinks entitles them to sex. If the girl thinks it DOESN’T then the only sensible thing she can do is to turn down his offer of a meal or a drink. Otherwise – knowing how the bloke’s mind works – in HIS eyes the girl has already said YES. Once again, it’s entirely HER fault if he rapes her when she says NO.

The third tricky area of consent is the word "informed." Giving an INFORMED consent, to sex or anything else, means that you KN0W and fully ACCEPT and take RESPONSIBILITY for the consequences of your actions.

This applies particularly to minors, but also to many areas where the question of consent is blurred. How "informed" is the consent of a drunk girl, someonw high on drugs, a mentally ill person or a mental deficient? Or what if the person has been hypnotised to obey every command? How can the trance subject be said to have given or refused "consent" in any MEANINGFUL way?

Let’s take a good look at the idea of consent and how it applies to sexual encounters. How often do we specifically say to one another that we want to fuck? OK, sure, quite often we do put it as specifically as that, but certainly NOT all the time, or even most of the time.

So what happens in the grey areas? What about a girl who’s drunk, a bit of a show-off and likes to tease men? How capable is she of giving her consent in the first case? Or is the very fact that she DID get drunk a clear proof that she DID want to be fucked and WAS consenting to sex? And how far is she giving an implicit consent in the second? If she goes and starts flashing her tits and cunt and arse or even if she just goes and talks all dirty or shows a bit of cleavage or generally dresses like some dirty fucking slut then it’s OBVIOUS that she IS up for it and obviously she DID want to be fucked.

In BOTH those cases, I reckon, the girl DID want it and it’s obviously HER fault if she gets raped because she WAS asking for it. In the second case, to be honest, if she DIDN’T want it and she was only carrying on like a fucking prick-teaser then her behaviour is WORSE and I honestly think SHE deserves to be punished for it. Prick-teasing is a horrible way of bullying blokes and the girl should certainly be punished for doing something as disgusting as that. Equally, the bloke’s done NOTHING wrong if he “rapes” her in circumstances like that.

I'm now going to talk about some very tricky areas. For twelve years I've been stuck in a waste of self-hatred and shame because I ORGASMED when I was being raped. I was drunk at the time, I’d been talking dirty, acting like a prick-teaser and come on strong to the bloke. He took me back to his place and “raped” me. The bloke told me at the time that the fact that I HAD orgasmed when he “raped” me meant that REALLY I HAD wanted to be raped and it was MY Fault. In other words, I HAD consented to being “raped” because if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have come.

The mouth can lie; the mind can lie; but the body doesn’t lie. I CAME when I was “raped” and it was the BEST fucking sex I’ve ever had! It’s OBVIOUS that I MUST Have wanted it and that my orgasm WAS a clear and unambiguous act of consent. I must have WANTED to be raped and I most definitely DESERVED to be raped for being such a fucking prick-teasing bitch!

I’ve always realised that my orgasm means that I MUST have CONSENTED to the “rape” and so it WASN’T really rape.

And, of course, there's the question of what you might call spontaneity. Often hubby and I will be cuddling up in bed, or he'll massage my back or something like that, and suddenly he wants to fuck me. If he starts trying and I don't really feel like it but he persists and I give in to him I wouldn't call it rape but then I wouldn't quite call it consent either. Equally there are times when I'm up for it and he isn't but I get him going. Again, that's not rape IM(O but you couldn’t really say it was explicit consent either. It's that grey area in between.

Then again, though MOST of the time we have loving, caring, tender sex, ever since my rape I've always had the need (not all the time, but some of the time) for rough, even brutal and degrading, sex. 

I fucking LOVE it but my hubby hates it and doesn't enjoy it at all but because he loves me he gives in to me about 30% of the time. Am I forcing HIM to have non-consensual sex? I dunno.

Basically, to sum up, unless it's "stranger rape" it always turns out that the girl actually DID consent to the sex in one way or another. That means it's HER fault she got "raped" and the bloke who she accuses of being a "rapist" has done nothing wrong!

Anyway, just a few of my own thoughts on the question. I'm sure the good  readers of my blog will have plenty of their own!

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♥ Faye Kane's Fuck Sanctuary for Recovering Nerds ♀ Keywords: autistic slacker hermit girl anal bdsm homeless sex slave physics math relativity logic geek astronomy torture cunt ass submission shy astrophysics naked conjoined hensel nude pictures nietzsche autism support dating help

Monday, 16 May 2011

Enjoying rape; a woman's point of view

OK, let's start of by taking it as a given that a heterosexual man can enjoy raping a girl. We can all understand that he can find it pleasurable and get his rocks off by fucking her whether or not she wants him to.

The question is, though, what does a girl get out of being raped? How can she find anything pleasurable about being fucked against her will, often being brutally beaten into the bargain and maybe humiliated in various ways as well?

As someone who can speak from experience on this one, I'll tell you for free. There are a lot of reasons why a girl can get off on being raped.

To begin with, it gives her the ability to avoid any kind of responsibility for her own actions, behaviour or attitudes. A "rape victim" can claim that she didn't want to be fucked and that it was only the man who forced her to have sex. It's sex without the guilt and that gives her a massive boost to her ego because she can have the most perverted type of sex and yet smile innocently and say to anyone listening, "hey, guys, it wasn't my fault."

A lot of the time a girl who is  really a depraved slut will use that excuse to make it look as if it wasn't actually her fault when she knows perfectly well that it was.

That way she gets a double whammy of enjoyment from being "raped" because not only was she able to get the depraved sex she wanted but she also gets the smug satisfaction of thinking how she's been able to con and manipulate people into thinking that she is some kind of "rape victim" rather than what she really is, a whore who not only wanted it but loved every second of it!

Obviously, a girl like that is going to thoroughly enjoy being raped. What about the ones who are not depraved sluts or professional whores, though? How can they possibly enjoy being raped?

Well, funnily enough, in the majority of cases the "rape victim" clearly does enjoy it! Most women who get raped orgasm while they're being raped.  I know I did when it happened to me at the age of 18 and even now it was the best sex I've ever had in my life! Other women who've been "raped" have told me the same thing, that they came and that it was the most intense, satisfying and pleasurable orgasm they've ever had.

Well, if you come when you're being raped there's only one possible explanation for that.

You're having fun and you're enjoying what's happening to you!

You've suddenly realised that actually, in spite of what you thought before it happened. in reality you wanted to be raped and you're fucking loving every miunte of it!

The mind can play many strange tricks on us and even lie to us; the body never lies. The fact that the girl is orgasming proves that she's really thoroughly enjoying herself and that she really wanted to be raped whatever she says. Her body is telling the truth about how she felt and only her mind and mouth are lying about the pleasure she had.

That fact alone makes her "rape" an act of consensual sex. By the very act of climaxing she is demonstrating that she really wanted it all the time and is fucking loving it now that she's getting what she wanted!

So let's recap briefly. The guy gets what he wants, to fuck the girl;  she gets what she wants (an orgasm); so both partners have been sexually fulfilled and enjoyed the experience.

How can that be called a crime? The very second the woman starts to get aroused by her rape it's obvious that from that point on the sex is entirely consensual.

The guy has done nothing wrong; he's obviously helped the girl by giving her an orgasm which otherwise she'd have had to frig herself off or whatever to get.

The girl's done othing wrong either; she's had an orgasm during the course of great sex which, as her body's reaction clearly demonstrates, was entirely consensual.

Why then should this harmonious activity, of a man and woman fucking each other in an entirely consensual sexual behaviour, be considered a crime?

If anything the rapist should be praised because, thanks to him, the girl's had a proper orgasm through fucking which otherwise would have been a lot harder for her to achieve.

Really, we can only admire the rapist and hope the girl realises how lucky she was that he raped her and that she is suitably grateful to him and thanks him for what he has done. The truth is that he's done her a big favour and she should feel flattered that he chose her and, of course, she should express her gratitude and thanks to him for giving her the best orgasm of her life.

Far from being any sort of a "rape victim," she's really a very lucky girl and ought be happy that she's just had the best consensual sex of her life!

Why rape is a gift we should welcome and cherish

OK, I've put forward already some of the reasons why there's nothing wrong with raping us girls. I reckon all men convicted of rape should be released from prison immediately and given full compensation for wrongful imprisonment. I've got some other ideas on how to help them get over the trauma of their time in prison but I'll save them for another post!

I'm now going to explain why it's positively right to rape us. Far from being a crime, rape is actually a public service and a gift to us girls for which we ought to be grateful.

In the first place, it's equal opportunity sex.  Any man can do it to a girl. He doesn't have to be rich, good-looking, clever or charming or anything like that. All he needs is to have a cock and he can rape me or any other girl just as good as any rich Hollywood star or wealthy businessman can!

Just think of the advantages. Rape means never having to buy me dinner. Rape means never wondering how much it costs to fuck me. Rape means never having to take me out or buy me prezzies. Rape means never having to worry if his car is flash enough or eough of a top of the range model. Rape means never having to worry if he's got a well-paid job or not! Rape means never having to buy me flowers or pay me compliments!

All a rapist needs is a cock and he can fuck me, or any other girl he wants.

That's pretty much an equal-opportunity approach to sex, right?

Secondly, it's obviously my fault that I got raped, isn't it? After all, if I'd said "yes," or, even better, "yes please, sir," he'd never have had to go to all the trouble of raping me, would he? So, like I said, it's all my fault that I got raped. He didn't do anything wrong and I'm the only one that did.

Like I said, it's my fault I got raped in the first place and I should never have said no instead of yes!

Because I did say no like an ungrateful and disrespectful fucking bitch of a twat, he had every right to rape me.

As well as giving him pleasure, he also had the right to rape me just because I was enough of an arrogant cunt to say no to him in the first place, right?

So he had the right to rape me as a just punishment for being arrogant and ungrateful enough to say no to him in the first place, see?

So actually I deserved to be raped for saying no!

Now let's explain why rape is a gift to us girls and why we should welcome it if we're lucky enough to get raped.

Rape is the only real sex; everything else is playacting. There's nothing like the adrenalin rush a girl gets when she's being raped. It's amazing how nearly always she'll have an orgasm just because she was raped rather than having vanilla sex.

So, you see, the rapist is actually doing the girl a big favour by raping her, right? He's giving her an orgasm which she's hardly ever going to get with vanilla sex, not just through fucking, anyway; only if the bloke knows how to get a girl's clit aroused properly which a lot of them haven't got a fucking clue about!

Another big favour he's doing her is he's giving her guilt-free sex. The girl was probably a totally depraved fucking slut anyway or at least secretly wanted to be. Thanks to the bloke who raped her she can get fucked as hard as a professional whore or the village bike that everyone's rode and yet not have to take the blame for being a total fucking slut so she doesn't have to feel ashamed or guilty about getting fucked! Once again, the rapist has done the girl a big favour by raping her!

She ought to be very grateful to him! It's a win-win situation; he gets to fuck her, she gets fucked without having to feel guilty about what she's done. Everyone ought to be happy about what's gone down!

Another reason why she ought to be grateful to him is that rape, as some statistics that have been posted on Mansland from scientific geezers who've done research on this subject have shown, is more likely to make a girl pregnant than if she's just fucked the vanilla way. So as well as all the other favours he's doing her, he's giving her an extra chance of having a baby by him!

Another reason why rape is so good is that it's the most honest way to have sex. Hey, guys, you don't have to tell me you love me; you don't have to listen to my boring twat talk conversation; you don't even have to say you think I'm beautiful (though it would be nice if you did but that's just me being selfish and vain!)

All you have to do is come up to me and say something like, "hey, cunt, I want to fuck you."

If I say yes then obviously I wanted it anyway so it couldn't have been rape in the first place, could it?

If I say no then obviously it's my fault if I get raped because then you've got a perfectly legitimate reason to rape me and, more than that, you've actually got a positive right to rape me for saying no.

See how it goes? If I say yes it isn't rape; if I say no it's only rape because of what I did wrong, so it's all my fault, right? The guy who raped me has done nothing wrong at all. In fact, he's been positively good in the way he's treated me! I'm the only one who's gone and done anything wrong!

Now let's look at some more benefits to the girl who gets raped. Apart from the higher chance of getting an orgasm and of getting pregnant as a result of rape, she's also going to get the adrenaline rush that comes when you get the shit scared out of you. God, how fucking sexy it is being scared! It's dead exciting for her to feel that kind of fear and it's very good of the bloke to give her the chance to experience such a lovely feeling. It'll almost certainly be the best sex she's ever had; much better than a boring old vanilla fuck!

The more she fights her true inner desire to submit, and the more she resists her longing to be taken by force regardless of her own selfish desires, the stronger her sexual arousal will become. Yes, folks, our friend the rapist is doing her a favour yet again; he's turning her on!

Maybe that's why (as exhaustive psychological and physical studies of so-called "rape victims" have shown; even the lying feminist twats (or, as I prefer to call them, "cuntists" - I hate the fucking feminists with their bullshir, or as I call it when they come out with it, "cowshit") haven't been able to explain away or refute the data that shows, maybe surprisingly to a vanilla mind, that the more violence a man uses against a girl when he's raping her, the less "trauma" she suffers.

To put it in plain English, the girl will actually benefit more from being raped with a certain amount of violence and intimidation than she would from being treated more "gently."

So, all you rapists out there, if you want to beat us up while you're raping us, don't worry about it. You're not only not doing anything wrong; you're actually doing us a favour by beating the shit out of us when you rape us.  You're making it more pleasurable for us if you rape us like that so, hey guys, don't even think about holding back when you rape us.

Just slap us about and punch us and kick us; we fucking love it! Just insult us verbally, telling us we're all bitches and whores and sluts and cunts; just remind us that we're not only fucking asking to be raped but that we really fucking love it and we're just lying twats and hypocritical cunts for pretending that we don't when we really do; and when you've finished having your fun don't forget to remind us that it was all our fault that we got raped.

As for the girl, what should she do? There's only one obvious or at least honest answer she can give.

She should say "thank you for raping me. I will be grateful to you for this precious gift for the rest of my life."

Some reasons to legalise rape

Some reasons to legalise rape!

1) It’s fun – especially for the rapist!

2) It’s the rapist’s right to do what he likes with his own body!

3) It’s the rapist’s right to choose!

4) If the girl says no she’s being disrespectful and he’s got every right to show her that her own selfish and childish wishes don’t matter.

5) It’s the only REAL sex – everything else is just vanilla!

6) A girl who gets raped is either a worthless whore who’s fucking ASKING for it or else a disrespectful feminist dyke who DESERVES to be raped to show her what she’s missing!

7)  A girl who gets raped is MORE likely to get pregnant so it assists the population growth if a rapist does what comes naturally.

8) Making rape a crime hasn’t stopped rape. It’s just made it more dangerous. The guy could get hurt with scratches, punches, kicks, or even hit with objects found nearby. If rape was legalised it would be safe and properly managed. Thee would be special “rape hotels” where needy guys could go and rape the girls with clean facilities and with doctors and nurses on hands to make sure that the girl isn’t carrying any sexually transmitted diseases and to look after the medical welfare of the rapist. The government could even make some money out of it by taking a percentage from the rape hotels so that rape would be contributing to the nation’s economy!

I can think of loads more reasons why rape is good and should be legalised but that’s a start!

Some sayings I like

On Men

Men always know best.

Men rule and women serve (found in a magazine)

Men command andwomen obey

On Girls

Human rights don't apply to us girls.

"A dog, a woman and a chestnut tree

The more you beat them, the better they be" (traditional saying)

I have a cunt; I am a cunt

On Rape

No means Yes. (loads of places on the internet)

It's the rapist's right to choose what he does with my body.

Rape means never having to buy me dinner.

Rape means never having to buy me a bunch of flowers.

Rape means never having to listen to my twat talk

Rape means never wondering how much it costs to fuck me.

Rape is the only REAL sex; everything else is playacting.

Rapists are REAL men who know how to treat a girl right!

It's all MY fault I got raped; I should never have said no!

On Violence

Violence is Golden

On Silence

Shut the fuck up, cunt! (all over the place, especially the internet)