Monday, 16 May 2011

Why rape is a gift we should welcome and cherish

OK, I've put forward already some of the reasons why there's nothing wrong with raping us girls. I reckon all men convicted of rape should be released from prison immediately and given full compensation for wrongful imprisonment. I've got some other ideas on how to help them get over the trauma of their time in prison but I'll save them for another post!

I'm now going to explain why it's positively right to rape us. Far from being a crime, rape is actually a public service and a gift to us girls for which we ought to be grateful.

In the first place, it's equal opportunity sex.  Any man can do it to a girl. He doesn't have to be rich, good-looking, clever or charming or anything like that. All he needs is to have a cock and he can rape me or any other girl just as good as any rich Hollywood star or wealthy businessman can!

Just think of the advantages. Rape means never having to buy me dinner. Rape means never wondering how much it costs to fuck me. Rape means never having to take me out or buy me prezzies. Rape means never having to worry if his car is flash enough or eough of a top of the range model. Rape means never having to worry if he's got a well-paid job or not! Rape means never having to buy me flowers or pay me compliments!

All a rapist needs is a cock and he can fuck me, or any other girl he wants.

That's pretty much an equal-opportunity approach to sex, right?

Secondly, it's obviously my fault that I got raped, isn't it? After all, if I'd said "yes," or, even better, "yes please, sir," he'd never have had to go to all the trouble of raping me, would he? So, like I said, it's all my fault that I got raped. He didn't do anything wrong and I'm the only one that did.

Like I said, it's my fault I got raped in the first place and I should never have said no instead of yes!

Because I did say no like an ungrateful and disrespectful fucking bitch of a twat, he had every right to rape me.

As well as giving him pleasure, he also had the right to rape me just because I was enough of an arrogant cunt to say no to him in the first place, right?

So he had the right to rape me as a just punishment for being arrogant and ungrateful enough to say no to him in the first place, see?

So actually I deserved to be raped for saying no!

Now let's explain why rape is a gift to us girls and why we should welcome it if we're lucky enough to get raped.

Rape is the only real sex; everything else is playacting. There's nothing like the adrenalin rush a girl gets when she's being raped. It's amazing how nearly always she'll have an orgasm just because she was raped rather than having vanilla sex.

So, you see, the rapist is actually doing the girl a big favour by raping her, right? He's giving her an orgasm which she's hardly ever going to get with vanilla sex, not just through fucking, anyway; only if the bloke knows how to get a girl's clit aroused properly which a lot of them haven't got a fucking clue about!

Another big favour he's doing her is he's giving her guilt-free sex. The girl was probably a totally depraved fucking slut anyway or at least secretly wanted to be. Thanks to the bloke who raped her she can get fucked as hard as a professional whore or the village bike that everyone's rode and yet not have to take the blame for being a total fucking slut so she doesn't have to feel ashamed or guilty about getting fucked! Once again, the rapist has done the girl a big favour by raping her!

She ought to be very grateful to him! It's a win-win situation; he gets to fuck her, she gets fucked without having to feel guilty about what she's done. Everyone ought to be happy about what's gone down!

Another reason why she ought to be grateful to him is that rape, as some statistics that have been posted on Mansland from scientific geezers who've done research on this subject have shown, is more likely to make a girl pregnant than if she's just fucked the vanilla way. So as well as all the other favours he's doing her, he's giving her an extra chance of having a baby by him!

Another reason why rape is so good is that it's the most honest way to have sex. Hey, guys, you don't have to tell me you love me; you don't have to listen to my boring twat talk conversation; you don't even have to say you think I'm beautiful (though it would be nice if you did but that's just me being selfish and vain!)

All you have to do is come up to me and say something like, "hey, cunt, I want to fuck you."

If I say yes then obviously I wanted it anyway so it couldn't have been rape in the first place, could it?

If I say no then obviously it's my fault if I get raped because then you've got a perfectly legitimate reason to rape me and, more than that, you've actually got a positive right to rape me for saying no.

See how it goes? If I say yes it isn't rape; if I say no it's only rape because of what I did wrong, so it's all my fault, right? The guy who raped me has done nothing wrong at all. In fact, he's been positively good in the way he's treated me! I'm the only one who's gone and done anything wrong!

Now let's look at some more benefits to the girl who gets raped. Apart from the higher chance of getting an orgasm and of getting pregnant as a result of rape, she's also going to get the adrenaline rush that comes when you get the shit scared out of you. God, how fucking sexy it is being scared! It's dead exciting for her to feel that kind of fear and it's very good of the bloke to give her the chance to experience such a lovely feeling. It'll almost certainly be the best sex she's ever had; much better than a boring old vanilla fuck!

The more she fights her true inner desire to submit, and the more she resists her longing to be taken by force regardless of her own selfish desires, the stronger her sexual arousal will become. Yes, folks, our friend the rapist is doing her a favour yet again; he's turning her on!

Maybe that's why (as exhaustive psychological and physical studies of so-called "rape victims" have shown; even the lying feminist twats (or, as I prefer to call them, "cuntists" - I hate the fucking feminists with their bullshir, or as I call it when they come out with it, "cowshit") haven't been able to explain away or refute the data that shows, maybe surprisingly to a vanilla mind, that the more violence a man uses against a girl when he's raping her, the less "trauma" she suffers.

To put it in plain English, the girl will actually benefit more from being raped with a certain amount of violence and intimidation than she would from being treated more "gently."

So, all you rapists out there, if you want to beat us up while you're raping us, don't worry about it. You're not only not doing anything wrong; you're actually doing us a favour by beating the shit out of us when you rape us.  You're making it more pleasurable for us if you rape us like that so, hey guys, don't even think about holding back when you rape us.

Just slap us about and punch us and kick us; we fucking love it! Just insult us verbally, telling us we're all bitches and whores and sluts and cunts; just remind us that we're not only fucking asking to be raped but that we really fucking love it and we're just lying twats and hypocritical cunts for pretending that we don't when we really do; and when you've finished having your fun don't forget to remind us that it was all our fault that we got raped.

As for the girl, what should she do? There's only one obvious or at least honest answer she can give.

She should say "thank you for raping me. I will be grateful to you for this precious gift for the rest of my life."


  1. you are kind of insane.

  2. What the shit. You know that you are the only human being on earth who agrees with this. I bet you've never been raped and will never understand the violation of it. It's people like you who need to be institutionalized.

  3. this HAS to be a man posing as a woman..... There is no other explanation

  4. I don't know who you are, anonymous.

    All I know is you haven't even got the guts to sign your username.

    For what it's worth I'm a woman and mother of three kids - two girls and a boy.

    Your first comment says that what I've said is true; the second that I'm insane; the third that I'm the only person who thinks like it and that I never HAVE been raped; and then you say I'm a man posing as a woman.

    Well, maybe I AM insane.

    I'm certainly NOT the only person (or even the only woman) who thinks like that.

    I have been raped and that's a fact.

    Just because you don't like what I say doesn't mean that it's not how it was and how I feel.

    Maybe you've got too much of a one-dimensional attitude to life to see anyone's point of view except your own.

  5. ah if only the world tough like you. And i'd rape you everyday.

  6. Don't feed the troll

  7. /me points to the obvious sarcasm throughout the post

  8. Ok... You guys REALLY don't see the blatant irony in this post? You actually think it's supposed to be read at face value? My, my...

  9. I'm trying to figure out how much is bourne of the agony modern life, and how much is irony. What you are saying is actually just how many men feel. Within the last hundred years we as men have created a modern vibrant life of which women are not only partakers, but often exclude men with little appreciation. The burning desire for sex is there, and moreso due to the extra time we have and the greater interaction with women. The violence you are sensing from men is the same as the hunger for, constant craving for affection and appreciation men sense from women. We project this on each other and dont understand where it's comig from.
    I think women would be better advised not to make every act of sex like a holy sacrament, or full of ultimate meaning of life and love, just like we don't consider every word you speak as something to be written on stone.

  10. Cmon only because you may have some Rape fetish that doesnt mean that other woman like that also so stop speaking about "us girls" you can speack for you but dont shove up your opinnion down other peoples throat Yea

  11. Someone's going to take this post seriously and actually go out there and hurt some poor girl. That blood is on your hands.

  12. Go kill yourself you fucking troll.

  13. Anonymous 11:01: "Someone's going to take this post seriously and actually go out there and hurt some poor girl. That blood is on your hands."

    That's as moronic as saying that a rape victim deserved it because she wore a short skirt, you fucking imbecile. Commit suicide.

  14. something HAD to happen to you as a sorry for whatever happened

  15. Yes yes, obvious sarcasm is obvious. What might be less obvious is that behind all this clever clever sarcasm is the message that behind all polite, consensual sex is a man who given his druthers would indulge himself in what he really wants - which is - according to the article : to engage in a violent act against an unwilling female. A clever, back-handed and longwinded, rephrasing of "all men are rapists" . So, original poster, you're wrong, and also, fuck yourself.

  16. What are you, stupid? This whole blog-thing-whatever the crap it is is pretty much....... to put it bluntly, twisted. It doesn't matter if it is a joke, or sarcastic, or whatever the heck, but dang. No, just no.

  17. interesting ! (the post and the comments)

  18. What the actual fuck

  19. clever troll or insane mentality

  20. Well, it is a fact that there are no moral truths. Morality is subjective.

    Also: I'd hit it.

  21. "Well, it is a fact that there are no moral truths. Morality is subjective. "

    So you would argue that there might be a circumstance under which raping and torturing a child is moral? After all, morality is subjective!

    Intellectually bankrupt, regurgitated PC tripe. Morality is not subjective, fool.

  22. Hey worthlessfem,

    It might be in your best interest to go talk to a therapist or something about your feelings.

    I'm posting as anonymous because I'm too lazy to register or sign up.

    But yeah. You're not crazy/insane in the sense that you're hallucinating demons or hearing weird voices in your head.

    I think what everyone is trying to say by calling you crazy is that your moral compass is a little ways off. Rape is a bad thing. It's doing something against someone else's will.

    Most people love getting what they want. And most people really don't like getting what they DON'T want.

    You might have a fetish or something, but just because you feel that way doesn't mean the world should restructure itself around your beliefs.

    By the way, there's this syndrome out there called "Stockholme's Syndrome" that I think pertains to you a LITTLE bit. You should look it up on Wikipedia if you have some spare time.

  23. You have serious issues. I would suggest counselling.

  24. You people are just fucking retarded. This is obviously satire, and you are NOT getting it. Well done.

  25. For the record I have talked with this woman quite a bit. she is quite serious in her views. not even once did she back down.

  26. Look, I might be weird but i really WAS raped when i was 18 years old and it changed not just my life but my views on life as well.

    it didn't happen overnight but even at the time i could understand that it was MY fault that i'd been raped and that the man did nothing wrong.

    Now just because i feel that way (and because my Husband is a Man who understands what i need and gives me the rough sex i need doesn't mean (which a LOT of blokes online have thought) that i'm some kind of doormat.

    i think i've got a sense of humour, reasonable intelligence and i care a lot about people.

    For what it's worth i've had a few paedophiles come on to me (especially on my yahoo IM) and as soon as i realise what they are i make sure i am permanently offline to them.

    i'm talking about rough sex between adults and NOT children.

    For what it's worth when it comes to nonces (as us Brits call paedophiles) i'd cut their cock and balls off without anaesthetic and hope they bleed to death.

    raping an adult woman (which at 18 i was) is not remotely the same.

    i know a lot of people think i'm a nut, a fake, a wind-up merchant or whatever.

    i can't help that.

    i am what i am; a girl who was raped and who found it the best sex of my life.

    if that makes me a nut well there's naff all i can do about it!

  27. You are insane.. seek help you whore.

  28. So how come I'm happy?

    You make the mistake of thinking that just because you disagree with me that i must be insane.

    And how am i a whore?

    i see you only post your comments anonymously and don't have the guts to sign your name or to argue your point of view. Instead you just chuck out insults and think that's enough.

  29. You are a model of womanhood, worthlessfem, and you'll more likely live a more fulfilling and happy life as all the other cool-aid drinkers who are so angry at you. I'd rape you, but I'd certainly want to protect you so you could bear the children from that rape. With me as a Father and a cunt better than most such as yourself, we'd rebuild this mad mad world. And as they say, you can't rape the willing, which is why I'm as much a rapist as you are equal to me.

  30. I actually raped a cunt after reading this. It was the most pleasurable sex I ever had, especially cause I punched her gut as I went in, and she shut the fuck up and took it. And she deserved it because she teased the fuck out of my cock in the first place, the little nasty whore... She asked "why?" I told her, "because I can you whore, because you asked for it slut, and because it feels fucking good on my Cock, u nasty cunt!" Which made me breed that hole hard... Hope I knocked the bitch up... Haha!