Friday, 20 May 2011

On the fundamental difference between men and girls

(Part three, "New thinking, new language")

The new ideas were racing around my head and then I suddenly grasped the most undamental one of all the new principles.

I was reading about cuntishness, cuntish attitudes, cuntish behaviour and cuntism. (I'll explain more in my next post). Then it suddenly hit me like a fucking express train!

OK, I'd always known I HAD a cunt.

OK, I've often been told I AM a cunt.

I'd even learned to ACCEPT that I WAS a cunt and so were ALL us girls.

What I HADN:'T realised until I found the new ideas was WHY I was a cunt and WHY all us girls were cunts.

It's fucking obvious, really, when you think about it but to a stupid fucking cunt like me it came as another mystical revelation that suddenly made SENSE out of everything.

I went through it again in my mind and it all clicked into place suddenly.

All girls ARE cunts.

All girls HAVE cunts.

I'm a girl so I'm a cunt.

All girls HAVE cunts.

I'm a girl so I have a cunt.

BECAUSE I have a cunt, I AM a cunt.

Simple, innit?


  1. Well, it is certainly logical. As the French philospher Descantes said, "I think therefore I am." :)

  2. That's a good one, Deviant. Sort of like a "cuntito" instead of a "cogito?"

    Instead of "cogito, ergo sum" (I think, therefore I am" - almost the only Latin I know!) we could say "cuntito, ergo cuno" (or whatever the Latin phrase for "I have a cunt, therefore I am a cunt" is!)