Thursday, 19 May 2011

Why "rape" is a victimless crime

Why rape is a victimless crime:

Feminists like to pretend that a gilr who gets fucked "against her will" or "without her consent" is a "rape victim."


Or, more appropriately in THEIR case, cowshit! Or femshit!

Let's look at all the MANY reasons WHY "rape" IS a VICTIMLESS "crime."

In the first place, either the girl ENJOYED what happened or she didn't.

If she ENJOYED it then (even if she DIDN'T want it originally) NO harm was done and she simply had throughly PLEASURABLE sex.

The mere fact she ENJOYED it shows she CONSENTED to it.

If she DIDN'T enjoy it then there's something fundamentally WRONG with her sexual desires because rape is the BEST fucking sex a girl can ever HAVE! She obviously needs to be "raped" again and agin till she DOES learn to enjoy it!

So rape is either giving the girl pleasure (in which case she CAN'T be any sort of a victim) or else it's EDUCATING her in the FINER things of life (in which case she's no more a "rape Victim" than a student at university is an "education victim.")

Secondly, either she WANTED to be fukced or she didn't.

If she WANTED to be fucked she got her wish so no harm at all was done and she only received pleasure and satisfaction.

If she DIDN'T want to be fucked then she needs to do some serious self-examination, not to mention self-criticism.

WHY didn't she want to be fucked?

Isn't she FLATTERED that a Superior Gentleman WANTED to fuck HER?

Is she an arrogant bitch who thinks her cunt is something SPECIAL?

iS she a fucking dyke?

Is she a fucking prick-teasing bitch?

She OUGHT to feel flattered.

If she's arrogant then she needs to learn humility.

If she's a dyke she needs to be shown what she's missing out on through NOT getting fucked by a real MAN.

If she's a prick-teaser she needs to be taught a lesson because cock-teasing bitches are nothing but bullies and DESERVE to be punished for their disgusting behaviour.

(I used to be one and I got raped and I thoroughly DESERVED what happened to me. I fucking LOVED it as well when it happened!)

Thirdly, was she a virgin when she was raped?

If she was and she was also over the age of consent then WHY the fuck was she STILL a virgin?

Being a virgin OVER the age of consent makes the girl one out of three thoroughly nasty things.

She's either a dyke, a prick-teaser or an arrogant bitch who thinks HER cunt is somehow something SPECIAL. 

In all three of these cases she DESERVES to be punished and rape is the most appropriate way of punishing her.

It's entirely HER fault that she got raped.

If she WASN'T a virgin when she was raped then what's she COMPLAINING about?

She already KNOWS what her cunt's for!

Other than to piss out of, its ONLY other purpose is so that she can be FUCKED up it or of course give birth to babies through it.

By trying to STOP a Superior Gentleman fucking her she's not only denying her own biological purpose but she's being totally disrespectful and DESERVES to be punished for her lousy fucking attitude!

Whatever way you look at it, it's ALWAYS the girl's fault if she gets raped.

And, of course, whatever way you look at it, "rape" is a victimless crime.

She's not a "rape victim," just a very LUCKY girl!


  1. As always an honest and thought provoking entry. I do love your mind.


  2. Cheers, Deviant!

    I'm working on some more posts so watch this space!

  3. Again, I totally agree with you 100% You have an amazing mind for the way things should be. If only all women thought as you do.

  4. Thank you, Sir.

    I wish all girls could see it like it is.

    I've been lucky to meet some clever Gentlemen (especially my husband and His Majesty) who've made me more aware that what I'd sort of half felt emotionally was also morally and intellectually right as well.

  5. I know this is a late post but I really liked this entry. It took me a long time to be able to see what role I played in my rape. But it was, as you say, my fault.