Saturday, 21 May 2011

Back to basics

Back to basics:

Like I said in my last post, everything suddenly clicked into place and made perfect sense.

I HAVE a cunt; therefore I AM a cunt.

Girls HAVE cunts; therefore girls ARE cunts.

I eagerly read on to find out more. Soon I discovered the inherent CONSEQUENCES Of HAVING and therefore of BEING a cunt.

I also started learning (and very slowly UNDERSTANDING) the new words and concepts of the philosophy.

Cuntishness, cuntish attitudes, cuntish behaviour, cunstruation, cuntariness, cuntracuntion, cuntism - the list went on.

In my head the words kept banging away like a chorus in a pop song.

"Because I HAVE a cunt, I AM a cunt."

Slowly other sentences and ideas permeated and began to enlarge and develop that basic philosophy. I'll try and summarise.

With perfect logic and balance, the new philosophy began to sink in. I learned that my cunt - ANY girl's cunt - was the source of all evil and stupidity in the world. (Don't we say "stupid cunt" or even just "you cunt" to express disgust or to say how stupid or nasty we think someone is?) I realised it was my CUNT that made me stupid, selfish,the bull inconsiderate, cruel, rude, lazy, a prick teaser, whorish, a slut, a compulsive liar, disobedient, disrespectful and all the other bad things I'd said or done, all the bad attitudes I'd had.

It was all because I had a CUNT!

HAVING a cunt - being BORN with a fucking cunt! - doomed me and ALL girls perpetually to BE cunts!

All the bullshit - more appropriately, the COWSHIT - of feminism - more accurately described by the NEW term of "cuntism," - suddenly washed away from me for ever.

I understood at last aht HAVING a cunt meant that I WAS a cunt.

My cunt, and ALL cunts, were the source of ALL the evil and stupidity in the world.

EVERYTHING is the fault of us cunts and EVERYTHING we do wrong - which is EVERYTHING we do - is BECAUSE we HAVE a cunt!

Simple, innit?

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