Monday, 16 May 2011

Some reasons to legalise rape

Some reasons to legalise rape!

1) It’s fun – especially for the rapist!

2) It’s the rapist’s right to do what he likes with his own body!

3) It’s the rapist’s right to choose!

4) If the girl says no she’s being disrespectful and he’s got every right to show her that her own selfish and childish wishes don’t matter.

5) It’s the only REAL sex – everything else is just vanilla!

6) A girl who gets raped is either a worthless whore who’s fucking ASKING for it or else a disrespectful feminist dyke who DESERVES to be raped to show her what she’s missing!

7)  A girl who gets raped is MORE likely to get pregnant so it assists the population growth if a rapist does what comes naturally.

8) Making rape a crime hasn’t stopped rape. It’s just made it more dangerous. The guy could get hurt with scratches, punches, kicks, or even hit with objects found nearby. If rape was legalised it would be safe and properly managed. Thee would be special “rape hotels” where needy guys could go and rape the girls with clean facilities and with doctors and nurses on hands to make sure that the girl isn’t carrying any sexually transmitted diseases and to look after the medical welfare of the rapist. The government could even make some money out of it by taking a percentage from the rape hotels so that rape would be contributing to the nation’s economy!

I can think of loads more reasons why rape is good and should be legalised but that’s a start!

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  1. Because it would first and foremost show cunts their fucking inferior place and teach them to respect Cock.