Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cuntish attitudes

Cuntish attitudes:

Eva Figes wrote a lousy book called "Patriarchal Attitudes." One day, if I can find the time, I MIGHT be bothered to write one called "Cuntish Attitudes."

Figes, like me, HAS a cunt and therefore (even if she HADN'T written that crock of fucking cowshit!) IS a cunt. Having written that load of twat talk just makes her even WORSE than a common or garden cunt. She's a cunting cuntish CUNTIST cunt!

And they're the absolute WORST sort of cunt!

ALL girls are DEFINED by HAVING a cunt. Most of us wish we DIDN'T but we're stuck with the fucking hole!

The PROPER attitude for a REAL girl is to be SAD that she's got a cunt and ASHAMED of having a cunt!

Cuntists are not only GLAD that they've got a cunt; they're even PROUD of it!

(How sad is that? Being PROUD of having a gaping, stinking, dirty hole between your legs instead of a manly cock?)

So what IS cuntism? Cuntism is the REAL ideology of the variety of twat talk that goes by the name of "feminism."

What are the ultimate GOALS of cuntism? We've already seen (read "Why feminism sucks") that it's NOT about equality (more on THAT word and its REAL meaning in another post).

So what DO cuntists want? What they "really really want" is a gynocratic dictatorship, or, to use a more APPROPRIATE word, a "cuntatorship."

Instead of realising that having a cunt make girls inherently INFERIOR to men, cuntists think it makes them SUPERIOR.

Instead of realising that it makes them inherently STUPID, cuntists think it makes them CLEVERER.

Instead of realising it makes them inherently EVIL, they think it makes them morally BETTER than men.

Instead of realising that its main purpose is so that men can fuck them, THEY think it's all about thier own SELFISH gratification.

So what's the most basic and fundamental of all these cuntish attitudes?

ARROGANCE, that's what!

Fucking cuntish arrogance!

THEY think their body belongs to them to do whatever they like with it!

THEY think it's THEIR choice who or even IF they fuck anyone.

THEY think it's THEIR choice to have abortions, use birth control, initiate or deny sex whnever THEY feel like it, all on the basis of their OWN selfish fucking wishes.

THEY think a man should be grateful to THEM for "letting" him fuck them!

They even want to establish a cuntatorship to enforce their cowshit!

Well, moronic fucking twat bitches, you've got it all arse upwards!

What the fuck have YOU got to be ARROGANT about?

You OUGHT to be HUMBLE in the presence of a man because HE'S got a prick and YOU'VE only got a cunt!

He's your SUPERIOR and always WILL be.

Cuntism is a sick, disgusting perversion of the NATURAL and MORAL order of things where men RULE and girls SERVE.

It needs to be stamped out RUTHLESSLY and the true NATURAL and MORAL order restored!

The sooner the better!


  1. I assume this is a joke and you're obviously an angry guy, right?

  2. Faye, I DO have a sense of humour (I'm originally from the East End of London and we're known for that).

    I also use satire a lot in my posts.

    But I'm NOT a man.

    I was raped when I was 18 and it changed my life and my whole attitude towards men and sex and life in general.

    I've never been a feminist though.

    I'm probably very mixed-up to be honest.

    Don't know if that makes sense to you or not.

  3. My dear...If you are mixed up I wish to god there were more mixed up women like you in the world. Just reading your post makes my cock hard.

    1. What gets our cocks hard is the feeling of righteousness, of having a cunt, even if dumber then most, if not all, Men, is certainly smarter than most cunts. I see feminists ending up as sad dried up bitches, consumed by their lies and envy of cock. I think of cunts as a necessary biological tool to incubate huManity, but I certainly don't view them as "properly" huMan. They serve a purpose, while Men build civilizations. They get my cock hard, and make more of us, and for that ill protect them from unnecessary harm from the outside. But respect or allow for the bs that is "gender equality"? Ill show my future wife gender equality with my right fist, if she chooses to behave in a manner even cuntier than what is humanly endurable....