Monday, 16 May 2011

Some sayings I like

On Men

Men always know best.

Men rule and women serve (found in a magazine)

Men command andwomen obey

On Girls

Human rights don't apply to us girls.

"A dog, a woman and a chestnut tree

The more you beat them, the better they be" (traditional saying)

I have a cunt; I am a cunt

On Rape

No means Yes. (loads of places on the internet)

It's the rapist's right to choose what he does with my body.

Rape means never having to buy me dinner.

Rape means never having to buy me a bunch of flowers.

Rape means never having to listen to my twat talk

Rape means never wondering how much it costs to fuck me.

Rape is the only REAL sex; everything else is playacting.

Rapists are REAL men who know how to treat a girl right!

It's all MY fault I got raped; I should never have said no!

On Violence

Violence is Golden

On Silence

Shut the fuck up, cunt! (all over the place, especially the internet)


  1. A Man is not a man, until he fucks a cunt right. A Man hasn't fucked until he rapes. Therefore, in order to be a Real Man, one must have the balls to fucking get with it and fucking RAPE,!!!

  2. I find it problematic that a cunt is even writing this shit because this means you're thinking for yourself and not allowing a man to be your only thought. You're choosing to stand for men but you're choosing. Cunts have no right to choice that's why they are cunts. Born a cunt, die a cunt. Calling a cunt a girl or a woman implies that there is some sort of metamorphosis that changes the fact that she is born a cunt and that's all she can ever be until she dies.