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Fixing the gender gap

Fixing the gender gap

There’s more than one way of looking at the problems between the sexes. You can take the extreme point of view – misandry or misogyny – or you can try and heal the wounds and sort out the various problems between us.

Let’s quickly look at the choices. Feminism is divided into a whole bunch of subgroups. Some of them are women who basically don’t hate men, don’t want privileged status but reckon girls get a raw deal overall, especially in some countries.  Some want privileged status but don’t hate men; some are outright misandrists. Some are female supremacists and want men to be their slaves.

Gender equality advocates want both sexes to have equal opportunity, get treated the same and to have the chance to be whatever they want to be. Men’s rights advocates aren’t all that different but there’s maybe a slight skewing in favour of men rather than women, probably to correct the sort of imbalance in favour of women we’ve got right now in the West.

Now we come to  the masculists. Like feminism, masculism has different strains. The moderate masculists are not much more demanding than men’s rights advocates, though in certain areas, especially childcare, alimony, access, divorce and so on, many of them want men to be favoured over women. The traditionalists want women to stop working, go back to being a housewife and mother, be respectful and obedient towards her husband and see the man as the head of the household with more or less absolute authority over it. The radical masculists want to turn back all the pro-feminist laws in place, to make radical changes in the economic and social system so that women and essentially to turn women into their slaves.

Like so often, I’m a bit on the middle on this issue. I can see more than one side to the argument and I don’t think we need to have a totally “one size fits all” approach to the problem.

Let’s talk specifics. I’m on record as favouring the legalisation of rape (except in the case of stranger rape which in any case will be reclassified as theft rather than sexual assault) and of recognising that so-called “domestic violence” is actually a legitimate “domestic discipline” and shouldn’t be a crime any more than rape should (a “victimless crime” if ever there was one!) Some people might think that makes me extreme; maybe it does, I dunno.

I don’t hate men or women; I think men overall are superior to us but I don’t think that gives them the right to treat us like dirt. I think men – if we’re in some kind of relationship with them - DO have the right to fuck us even if we don’t want them to and to discipline us if we get out of line. Does that mean they’ve got the right to kill us just because they happen to be feeling that way? I don’t reckon it does. Does that mean they’ve got the right to beat the shit out of us for no reason? That’s not how I see domestic discipline.

Sure, like always in life there are grey areas. Wouldn’t be life if there weren’t! Even so, the basic feel I have is that domestic violence laws need to be rewritten drastically to distinguish between legitimate domestic discipline and psychopathic behaviour. Same with rape – I think stranger rape should still be a crime but no other kind of “rape.”

What effect would it have on society in general, and especially on relations between the sexes, if men and girls knew what the “rules” of “gender etiquette” were and knew that if either of them went against them they’d have to accept the consequences? So, if a girl goes out on a date, she knows beforehand that she IS going to be fucked and that she’s got NO business crying “rape” if the guy fucks her even if she changes her mind. To be honest, if she’s willing to go on a date with a bloke she’s already – in the eyes of any sensible person and in the eyes of any just laws – given her consent to being fucked.

That would make girls think long and hard about slutting it about town and then having the nerve to expect to be able to hold out on the poor blokes. Instead of them being able to act like bullies and prick-teasers, they’d know that any date meant agreeing to sex and we’d all know exactly where we stood. Of course blokes wouldn’t HAVE to fuck the girl just because she was on a date with them but SHE’D have to fuck him whether or not she wanted to!

Fair enough, isn’t it?

Like with marriage; no more crap about having a headache or not feeling up to it. If her hubby wants to fuck her it’s the wife’s duty to let him have what he wants. Her own selfish whims in the matter don’t matter a flying fuck! So, conjugal rights would be established in the law of the land as a clear duty for the girl and an absolute right for the man.

Same with partners or even boyfriends; the bloke has an absolute right to fuck the girl and she’s got NO say in the matter at all.

Fair enough, right?

Same with domestic discipline; the bloke does have an obvious right to put his uppity wife or girlfriend or whatever in her place if she steps out of line. On the other hand, IMO he doesn’t have the right to kill her, permanently cripple or mutilate her or to beat the living shit out of her just because he happens to feel like it. Basically the girl has to have done something WRONG to deserve being disciplined.

I think we need to draw up a code of conduct that has to be followed and if it was violated that would be a reason for domestic discipline to kick in.

Domestic violence would still exist as a crime but it would be rare because allowing men to use reasonable chastisement and discipline on partners or girlfriends behaving badly would mean that only a tiny handful of blokes would cross the line.

I think these two measures – along with various economic ones that I’ll write about in my next post – would do more than anything else to get rid of the gender problems in our society!

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Matriarchal attitudes and the dangers they pose for society

Matriarchal attitudes

There’s a book called “Patriarchal Attitudes” which is full of feminist propaganda and lies. I thought it might be fun to take a look at some sort of imaginary book called “Matriarchal Attitudes” and to make criticisms of THEIR “values.”

I’ll start off by giving some definitions of a matriarchal society:

In a matriarchal society women make the key decisions, lay down the legal framework, hold positions of power, control money and other economic assets, lay down the cultural basis of the society and how it sees the world around it.

Feminists try to claim that society in the West is NOT matriarchal but it’s difficult to take their claims seriously. OK, the US hasn’t had a female President yet (though with Palin and Bachmann emerging as the flag-bearers for the conservative wing of the Republicans that seems to be changing) but Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Norway, Indonesia, the Philippines, Argentina, Bangla Desh, Dominica and a number of other countries all have or have had female leaders.

The legal framework is overwhelmingly dominated by feminist ideas. In childcare, equal opportunities at work, affirmative action or positive discrimination programmes, divorce, custody of and access to children, child support, rape, domestic violence, hate speech, the crazy laws on obscenity, the pathetic slap on the wrist women get at best if they commit crimes compared with the harsh punishments men get for the same or even LESS serious offences – all these show pretty clearly, blatantly even, the total unfairness of where we are now and the way in which our society is being run in the interests of girls.

Look at the way the media presents violence against men – it’s made out like it was somehow men’s fault or, even worse, a joke. If it’s a woman who’s using violence against a man then somehow that’s just FUNNY but the other way round and it’s a crime!

In advertising, women are portrayed as being sensible, capable and in charge while men are shown as stupid, useless and not knowing what they’re doing.

In the law it’s all stacked in favour of the woman too. On every aspect of law girls do better than men. A man fighting a woman in court might as well throw in the towel because the law is set up to reflect matriarchal and feminist “values.”

The economy? In the US women hold most of the money. In the UK it’s not quite got to that stage yet but with girls routinely slapping men with alimony and taking half (at least) of what he’s got it’s going the same way fast. The economy is skewed in favour of feminist interests like welfare, child support, crèches, most healthcare spending going on females and so on. The latest statistics show that women aged 20-30 are earning MORE than men the same age and the trend is set to continue until most breadwinners in the family are female. It’s also becoming more and more common among younger couples for the GIRL to be the one who brings in the money and the man to be at home doing the housework and looking after the children. Not that I think that’s necessarily wrong, but it shows how the balance of power is tilted inexorably in favour of females. Men seem to be put upon and have a lot of duties laid upon them while girls seem to have all the rights and hardly any responsibilities.

The cultural basis of our society is definitely dominated by feminist and matriarchal ideas and by female wishes. We see films, documentaries (actually propaganda), books, magazines and so on, all catering to female interests and feminist ideas.

Matriarchy isn’t necessarily a question of numbers; it’s about a structure in society where women are dominant because of their access to or control over status-related positions and decisions, either directly or indirectly. The media is a feminist powerhouse for propaganda and keeping men down.

Matriarchy is enforced in a number of different ways – intimidation of men through physical violence (knowing the courts won’t believe the man when he tells about being abused by a girl so she can get away with it no matter how badly she hurts him); by denial of sex, false accusations of rape or threats to make such allegations; insisting upon (and getting) a special privileged legal, economic and political status for women; and attacking all attempts by men to co-operate and organise together or even RESIST feminist and matriarchal ideologies or oppressive behaviour as “sexism.”

Matriarchal societies make extensive use of the law, the government, the police and prisons to enforce their authoritarian and, to be honest, essentially fascist political agenda. They also go out of their way to encourage contempt and hatred for men and fight against any attempt by males to emancipate themselves. Girls are encouraged to look on men as the enemy to be fought and as tools to be used for their convenience.

Men are even expected to see themselves as oppressors and females as being victims, even though the opposite is almost always the case. They learn history – often renamed “herstory” – through a feminist propagandist view, they learn literature and art through a viewpoint of the “suppression” of female achievements; they are even told that females are the only role models for society to follow. Girls can do what they like and men get punished for even the smallest “offence” against feminist and matriarchal “values,”  

Patriarchal societies place men at the heart of decision making. In a patriarchal society, the crime of rape is almost non-existent, as men’s rights (including their sexual rights) are placed at the heart of how the society is run. Men are allowed and encouraged to express themselves and be full members of society.

Masculism says that we live in a matriarchal society where the power structure is run in the interests of the matriarchy. They make quite a few points to show how they think this is true.

1                    Women oppress men by claiming to be the only child-carer that matters.
2                    The lives of men are seen as less important than those of girls and women.
3                    Men are routinely given harsher sentences than women for the same criminal acts.
4                    Excuses are routinely made for bad behaviour by women when men get punished severely for their own excesses
5                    Women expect men to support them financially either directly or indirectly through the tax system, alimony and so on.
6                    Women expect men not to attack them but to be free to attack men.
7                    Women expect men to protect them but to be free not to protect men.
8                    Women expect men to do all the dangerous jobs and just keep the cushy little work for themselves.
9                    Women live longer than men and yet the matriarchy won’t allow any sort of investigation in to why this is true or any funding to improve the situation.
10                Women get the lion’s share of healthcare funding even though men die younger and get more illnesses.
11                Men kill themselves more often than women, because they’ve become victims of matriarchal oppression, matriarchal structures and gender defined subservience.
12                Men have to risk their lives in war while women get off scot free and sit at hope just criticising them.
13                Female genital mutilation is condemned while male genital mutilation is allowed or even encouraged.
14                Girls do better than boys in school because most teachers are female and the curriculum and structure of education are dominated by females and by feminist ideas.
15                If a girl has sex with a man and gets pregnant it’s her choice to have or to abort the baby and he has no say.
16                A girl can consent to sex without consenting to pregnancy. A man can’t because if he gets her pregnant he is responsible even if he didn’t want to have the child and even if he thought the girl was using contraception but she lied.
17                Just being pregnant gives a girl automatic parental rights while a man has to do much more than that to have any kind of rights – which anyway are only discretionary ones – over the kid.

How valid are these masculist criticisms of what they see as our matriarchal society? In the first place it’s quite a mixed bag of arguments. Some are about laws and economics; some about biology and psychology; and some about attitudes and behaviour.

Obviously laws and economic problems can be changed and improved; attitudes and behaviour can alter either individually or in general over time. Psychology, unless we’re going to engage in mass brainwashing, is a much tougher nut to crack and biology, except I guess with genetic engineering, almost impossible to change.

The problem of boys

An adult man might get irritated or bored or just dismiss the public assault on his gender. If he’s a confident and established person it shouldn’t bother him much. But this is entirely different for boys who grow up in all this bombardment with female superiority. Since the 80’s or even before that, boys have been born right into the battlefield of a gender assault and they’re the real victims. In this decade, for the first time, we’re seeing a generation of young adult men who grew up in this hostile and female-dominated environment and we’re only now beginning to see the results of this mass hatred of their gender.

Boys grow up with the idea that feminine values are the only ones that are good and that male values are worthless and/or evil. They grow up being told constantly that females know best and that they should feel ashamed of being male. Of course the result of all this propaganda and conditioning is obvious. The boys end up going one of two ways – either they become all feminized and poofy or else they react against their female oppressors.

Violence against girls and women isn’t irrational or mindless cruelty; it’s a rational act of self-defence against feminist oppression. Don’t blame boys for striking out, beating up girls or raping them or whatever. They’re just trying to survive in a hostile and female-dominated society where their contributions aren’t valued and they’re oppressed on every level.

Boys are literally crushed at school by the feminists and matriarchs. With only 1 in 4 teachers male, the boys being constantly subjected to relentless bombardment by feminist propaganda, it’s not surprising that they totally underperform girls. And the feminists use their failure as ammunition (or, as they call it, “evidence”) that GIRLS were held back and that boys are naturally stupid.

Women are becoming dominant in “professional” jobs and men are becoming more and more badly treated by the education system. We’re cantering full tilt towards a matriarchy or, even worse, a female supremacist society.

The present trend, growing all the time, is that more and more families will have a female breadwinner and a male homemaker and child carer. Most families will have a situation where the girl is more educated than the man.

How matriarchy rules 

With the bulk of purchasing power coming to be in the hands of females, advertising, the commercial world, banks, the media and so on will more or less ignore men and their own needs and interests. They will go for the cash cow of the female consumer and target girls and women as their likely purchasers. Even in traditional male areas of advertising and such, like cars and DIY, the producers and marketers will aim their products mainly at women. This is already happening and is an increasing trend. Property too will be aimed largely at a female client base. 

In the field of employment, bosses will gear (as they already are increasingly) the work place towards the “needs” of their female workers. Men will become more and more marginal in terms of the employment market, largely confined to low paid, low status jobs while the girls get all the “plum” positions. Even in the workplace, crèches and similar things will become the norm which will increase the number of single mother families. Men will be seen more or less as sperm donors and not much else. They will, unless they’re lucky enough to become a male homemaker, find themselves shut out of family life as well as meaningful employment.

Once women own most of the wealth and make most of the financial decisions in our society, both on the level of the home and in the wider world of work and so on, politics will become increasingly dominated by female interests. It won’t necessarily mean that all or even most politicians and leader will be female but it will mean that women’s interests will be the first and most important consideration for any political parties who want to gain power. They will have to put what women want first and put the interests and needs of men and  boys right at the bottom of the pile when it comes to decision making. Because the higher paid and higher status jobs will be dominated by women, they in turn will make sure that only females get promoted and men are held back or squeezed out of certain kinds of work altogether. It’s just possible that they might start introducing “affirmative action” and “positive discrimination” programmes for men but I doubt it somehow.

Men and boys, frustrated at the lack of opportunities for them and the lack of value given to their contributions, will increasingly “drop out” or go into crime. Violence against women, rape and “femicide” will increase. Men already commit suicide at a far higher rate than girls and more male suicides can confidently be expected. Male homelessness, already far higher than that of women, will also increase, especially as very few men will be able to afford to buy or even rent a home with the female-dominated economy.

The role of men in a matriarchal society

I think men will find themselves serving in the armed forces, doing the heavy construction work and stuff like that. I can’t see many girls voluntarily going down the mines or fighting in Afghanistan or whatever so men are likely to still have to do that sort of thing. If men decided to go on strike against the matriarchy, or even to stage a military coup, I don’t see how the women could win against them. Whether they’d achieve anything other than just smashing the feminist power structure is dubious, though, because with all the economic power held by females it would be tough for the males to take back power.

So how can the problems between men and women be resolved? That’s a big question and I’m going to deal with it in several separate pieces on my blog.

I’d just like to say that I think a matriarchal society is harmful to both genders and that we’d be far better off IMO by returning to the values of a patriarchal society or even a radical masculist way of doing things.

Friday, 9 September 2011

The war against men

I've just got back from holiday and I'm working on a new post about the increasing drift in the West towards a matriarchal society and the undeclared war against men.

Watch this space - hopefully in a few days I'll have it ready to post!

By the way, I'd appreciate some comments on my two posts about domestic violence and my suggestions on family law reform.