Thursday, 1 December 2011



One of the commonest slogans spouted by feminists is "it's a woman's right to choose." Well, let's be blunt about it.

Is it?

To choose WHAT?

Does a woman have any RIGHTS at all?

There, that should have sent a few robots scurrying for cover, brandishing their fists and spitting venom at me

from a safe distance, shouldn't it?

Of course it would be TOO much to expect these brainwashed clones to argue RATIONALLY against what I'm saying

True, I sometimes play devil's advocate or use shock jock tactics and to some extent I'm "shock jocking" here. Even so, I MEAN what I say.

In the old days, most women didn't work or at least, not much. Marriage was the norm and women hoped to find a man who'd be a good husband and father. Divorce was rare and almost only confined to the rich. If you DID get divorced, custody of the children almost always went to the man. On marriage, any money, property or other assets held by a woman before her marriage passed immediately over to her husband, who had full owenrship and control of them. The law even recognised the right of a husband to beat his wife if she displeased him.

Now things have been turned completely on their head. It's becoming more and more common, not just for women to work, but for THEM to be the MAIN breadwinner in the family. MOST divorces nowadays are instigated by women, usually for totally frivolous or selfish reasons. For a MAN to get custody in the event of a divorce is almost unheard of these days. Men are routinely screwed out of THEIR money, property or other assets while women get off scot-free. As for the idea that a husband has "the right to lawful chastisement of his wife," forget it! Nowadays he'd be arrested for "domestic violence!"

And are either men or women HAPPIER now? Has all this "choice" made women's lives better? Are we "fulfilled" by working as a check-out girl in a supermarket, a pen-pusher in an office, a factory worker, cleaner, chamber-maid or bank clerk?

Women now have the "right" to "choose" a "career," to "choose" to marry, divorce, fuck around or whatever, to "choose" to abort a baby regardless of the father's wishes, to "choose" to get pregnant regardless of his wishes. They even think they have the "right" to behave like sluts and yet NOT to have to face the consequences of their actions.

For feminists, "choice" is a one-way street. It's all about selfishness, self-indulgence, narcissism and

callousness. Feminists don't give a fuck about ANYONE except themselves. The whole "philosophy" of "choice" is nothing more than a universe in which " me, me, me!" is the guiding "principle."

Love? Well, one feminist "thinker" described love as a trickk to enslave women, or words to that effect. (I'll dig out the ACTUAL quote - it's every bit as stupid and repulsive as my summary!)

Women don't need all this "choice." What we need is to bring back the BALANCE between the genders.

I'll write more on that in my next post!