Saturday, 26 March 2011

Twatting the twats

Twatting the twats: why so-called "domestic violence" is actually nothing more than much needed domestic discipline and every man is fully entitled to beat the shit out of any worthless fucking cunt he likes just because he feels like it!

So let's look at what's so GOOD about "domestic violence."

1  It's male empowerment

2  It's fun - especially for the man! 

3  It helps the man get out his frustration in a useful way.

4  It helps the cunt to reflect upon its own lowly place in the world compared to his.

5  It reminds the cunt of ONE of the reasons he is superior - because he can beat the shit out of it any time he feels like it

6    It puts the cunt in its proper place

7   It helps him work off surplus energy and keeps him fit

8  It's a great reminder to the cunt NOT to forget his dinner or try to back chat him or do anything else that us stupid twats do all the time

9  It helps to cement the natural order of things where the man rules and the woman serves

10 It's just punishment if the cunt has displeased him in any way

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