Thursday, 24 March 2011

Legalise rape!

If only it was true! In my alternative universe, it IS true!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Senior police chief: “Legalise rape”

A senior British police chief has called on the government to rethink its policy on rape, in an interview with the Sunday Times.

“Rape criminalises thousands of British men each year,” warned Chief Constable Terry Graham. “Our jails are filling up with men who would otherwise be considered normal, law-abiding citizens. Unless we act now, there could be no room left for really dangerous criminals.”

Graham called for the government to release all rapists in custody, except foreign and homosexual rapists – whose crimes may affect men. He also wants the law to be changed so men could only be considered rapists if they fit a narrow pre-conceived stereotype which protects society’s belief only “evil” men can be rapists.

Home Secretary John Reid said he was on television so often he didn’t have time to do his job properly, and he wouldn’t mind but other ministers were getting jealous, so he wouldn’t respond on this one. That, and this was a rare issue where the reactionary side was unpopular, so he didn’t know what to think.

Charities and women’s organisations criticised Graham’s remarks, but the Sunday Times dismissed them as “hysterical lesbians”, saying “We recognise there will be those who disagree, but they are wrong. It is time for a national debate, which we will win.”

Other suggestions for relieving overcrowding have included more frequent use of community punishments, building more prisons and letting David Blunkett loose with an Uzi.
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