Friday, 20 May 2011

New thinking, new language

In "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" Thomas Kuhn showns how scientific change and new scientific ideas actually come about and get accepted. You start off believing like everyone else does and then you slowly start to question it. You start looking at other ideas that seem better able to explain things and start evolving a new theory to explain them.

The theory is always dismissed at crap at first and then slowly gets looked at in a less hostile way. Then it starts to get accepted and eventually becomes a new orthodoxy.

Kuhn calls the point of transformation a "paradigm shift" and what he says about scientific change is just as true about social and ideological change, of course.

We've been subjected to the dominant ideology of feminism for the last hundred years or so. It began by being dismissed, slowly made progress and now dominates (and ruins) the lives of millions.

What we need now is another paragidm shift, away from feminism and on to a new and still evolving ideology.

Right now it hasn't even got a name, really,. "Post-feminism" won't work because it's just accepting the injustices created by feminism and saying "enough is enough; we're happy."

Men's rights movements tend to be too timid and modest in their airms.

Masculism is the nearest fit to a new paragidm but even that isn't quite right. Too often it's just macho posturing by BDSM enthusiasts or else a cover for misogyny.

What we NEED is a new paradigm shift, a new "Copernican revolution," espsecially in terms of gender relations.

A couple of years ago my eyes were opened when I joined a message board. The owner has created a new sort of explanation in which all the random things I'd known or believed already in an unsystematic way suddenly made sense.

Let's recap on where my head was at that time. From the age of 18 onwards I'd realised through personal experience that there was nothing WRONG with Gentlemen raping us girls. I also knew I was worthless as an individual and so were ALL females.

What I HADN'T realised was WHY those things were true. I didn't understand that men are women are polar opposites in every way, or that the natural superiority of Men was BIOLOGICAL rather than cultural or environmental.

I also hadn't realised that it wasn't just that "raping" us girls was never WRONG but that it was positively RIGHT.

These ideas came as a revelation to me. Just as my "rape" at the age of 18 opened my eyes to my own inherent worthlessness and the innate worthlessness of ALL females, so these ideas hit my mind. It was as profound a mystical experience as my "rape" had been.

This realisation changed my life. At last I could make SENSE out of what until then had been only emotions rather than fully formed ideas. Now the TRUTH was plain to see and I understand my PROPER place in the world and the PROPER role and function of us girls.

Of course we need new terms to describe and explain the new thinking, the new relationships we need to put into place and a new model for society.

I'll go into more detail in my follow-up blog posts on this subject. I think I'll startt by outlining the fundamental ideas behind the new model of society and show how the new language points, as clearly as a compass, towards the brave new world of our better future.

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