Friday, 20 May 2011

The first principle: unselfishness

(This is part two of "New thinking, new language"

The first principle: selfishness and unselfishness:

The new language of the Copernican revolution in gender studies is often hard to grasp. Some of the words, like some of the ideas, are complicated. Anyway, I'll start by outlining some of the BASIC ideas that underpin the philosophy.

Established words are used in a very DIFFERENT way from previous thinkers. A lot of new words are also needed to be coined to explain the new ideas.

The most fundamental principles of the philosophy are fairness, justice, equality, unselfishness, kindness, consideration, politenees and truth. All these words are now used in a completely different way from the way they are now.

The one that hit me hardest was the new realisation of what unselfishness really meant. Till then I'd thought that men who raped a girl or whatever WERE being selfihs but that they were entitled because the girl DESERVED what she was getting. Now I understood that the MAN is behaving UNSELFISHLY and only the GIRL is being selfish.

That REALLY hit me hard. For the first time I understood how fucking selfish and unreasonable I'd been at the age of 18 to not only say "no" when a man wanted to fuck me but to lead him on before!

It was suddenly obvious to me that the man who raped me had been acting UNSELFISHLY and that the only SELFISH person in the whole business was ME.

Him raping me was an act of UNSELFISHNESS and me saying no was a SELFISH ction!

Whenever a man rapes a girl he'S acting UNSELFISHLY and whenever a girl says NO she's being SELFISH!

That was the first new revelation. I soon started to see others.

Before long I saw clearly there was a perfect balance in the way gender relations SHOULD be.

Girls are selfish; men are unselfish.

Girls are liars; men are truthful.

Girls are stupid; men are wise.

And so it went on. Everthing BAD seeemd to come from us girls; everything GOOD seemed to be down to men.

Our selfishness is shown at its worst by the feminist scum. Men show their unselfishness in every aspect of life.

As I studied the new ideas further I understood WHY.

But that's for my next blog post!

(Aren't I a selfish little tease of a girl?)

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  1. Tease away :) Great stuff as always