Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Does a woman "own" her body?

Does a woman "own" her body?

I've already shown how rape is REALLY the best CONSENSUAL sex you can have with a girl.

It's more fun for the man than straight vanilla sex, which is the most IMPORTANT thing about it.

The girl will probably come and have the BEST orgasm of her life, which shows yet again that girls not only DO always CONSENT to being raped but that their bodies are actually programmed to respond that way and that in spite of what they SAY, they REALLY do PREFER to be raped!

The fact that girls respond BETTER to being raped than to straight sex PROVES not only that we DON'T "own" our bodies but that our bodies were DESIGNED to be owned by and used by MEN!

Then there’s the simple fact that our bodies are BUILT to be fucked by men and that our cunt was designed in such a way that it was MADE to be penetrated forcefully by the male organ.

Our tits produce milk; who for? For us? No, for the babies we were put on earth to deliver and look after.

So our tits weren’t given to us for OUR benefit; they were given to us so that they could SERVE our babies and be used as a source of nourishment.

Our cunt wasn’t given to us for OUR benefit (other than to piss out of, that is); it was given to us so that it could be fucked my men and they could give us the gift of life so we could have babies for them.

They’re not MY tits; they belong to my baby. Or to the man who, as all natural biology shows, OWNS my body. My tits belong to him!

It’s not MY cunt; it belongs to the man who fucks me. HE is the one who OWNS my body and my cunt belongs to him.

The same is true of my arse and my gob. If he wants to use them for his pleasure then it’s HIS right to do so.

Same with abortion and contraception; it’s HIS right to decide on those issues and NOT mine. I can put my opinion forward but it has to be HIM who takes the final decision.

So, in answer to the feminist lie, women CAN’T do what they like with “their” bodies because THEY don’t OWN “their” bodies.

The MEN own our bodies and that’s a simple fact of nature!

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