Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What it means to be born female

Being born female means winning second prize in life. In every way it's better to be born a man. Men are stronger than us, cleverer than us and much better at keeping things in order.

Unfortunately a whole generation - maybe two - of us girls has been raised in the deluding belief that we're as good as any man if not better.

That's just not true on any level!

Let's try thinking about it logically. In just about every way men are better than us.

1 They're physically stronger than we are

2 They're faster than we are

3 They're more intelligent than we are

4 They do everything better than we do

5 They take charge in a crisis while we panic

6 Women, so the evolutionary scientists have shown, are CLOSER to apes than men are. In other words, females are LESS human than males.

7 On any level playing field, we always perform worse than men.

8 The only reason that in some Western countries girls are outperforming boys at school is because: a) most teachers are females who are deliberately favouring the girls and trying to do down the boys; b) lessons and the curriculum have been deliberately dumbed down to the level where girls can pass them; c) lessons and the curriculum are deliberately orientated towards female interests and girlie skills; d) the education system is run on a feminist basis where boys are deliberately disempowered and girls "empowered."

9 Left to their own devices, girls find it hard to make decisions, act or react quickly, or initiate anything. In a crisis they tend to panic or freeze while a man tends to react and think immediately, decisively and effectively.

10   Women are ruled by their emotions while men tend to think rationally and work things out.

11  Women haven't got a clue about practical things while men are brilliant in that area of life.

12  We're martyrs to our bodies whether it's menstruation, pregnancy or mysterious illnesses that men never seem to get.

All round, it's difficult to see much point in our existence. We've contributed hardly anything to the world in terms of science, technology, sport, physical work, music, or art. Only in the field of literature have women managed to achieve anything and even then only in novels or poetry. Even there I can't think of any woman writer who's even on the same planet as Shakespeare, Dickens and Dostoievsky.

So what CAN women offer the world? On what level of usefulness CAN we function?

I can only think of a very small number of areas.

1   Sex - our bodies are obviously designed to be fucked.

2   Reproduction - our bodies are obviously designed to get pregnant and give birth to babies.

Other than that I can't think of ANYTHING useful we contribute to the world.

Whenever women get into positions of power or influence, whether it's politics or the economy, they cause total chaos. Either they try and behave like what they think a man would or they go all girlie and come out with total nonsense.

What good ARE women to the world other than for fucking and having babies? Even in terms of pregnancy our role is completely passive.

Without the life-giving male sperm we couldn't even GET pregnant! It's the MAN'S contribution to pregnancy that matters. Women are nothing more than vessels to carry babies till they come to birth.

So if you look at it logically, on every level we ARE as far beneath men as animals are beneath us. At best we might be thought of as a slightly better version of a cat or dog or horse. At worse we're not even as useful as they are.

Even treating us as human beings seems a bit doubtful but treating us - or even THINKING of us - as being in ANY way EQUAL to men is a bad, sick joke.

So how SHOULD females be treated in a rational, fair society?

I'll give my thoughts on that subject in my follow-up post!


  1. What do worthless cunts have to really offer?

    Sex? Well as we have seen many times a man can find sexual gratification with other men, beasts, or even just themselves. So for a cunt to think she has the monopoly on that is arrogant and disgusting. Cunts are simply better looking packaging for the thing men desire. As the adage says, what is a woman for? She is a life support system for a pussy.

    Reproduction? Well again science has proven this wrong. Babies can be made in test tubes and implanted in a woman. But to carry to term a woman needed. Again an arrogant assumption.

    What a woman is good for is to be found in her worthlessness. A cunt is worthless until she is given worth by her superior man. It is he who decides that she has any no matter how little it is.
    She lives her life to comfort, serve, service, and add to a mans life with her body, actions, behavior, and submission to his will, desires, laws. In a sense a man defines her as a life form.

    But on the same note a man can find comfort in many other ways outside of a woman. Thus she is still nothing to him even when she is given value.

  2. Do you think women can go to heaven when they die?

  3. I don't know, Sir. If animals have souls then I suppose girls must have them too.

    If not then I guess we don't.

    I honestly can't answer that question, Sir.

  4. For sex and reproduction? Yes, but women may also be useful as servants for men.

    I've read some articles on your blog and liked them very much. If I owned a woman like you, I would be very happy.

  5. Well, thanks for the kind words. i am an owned female and i try my best to make my Owner and Master happy.

  6. Uh, uhm, uh, what? I agree that, physically, men are generally more potentially capable, but not THAT much more capable. (There comes a point of diminishing returns: Does it matter if a woman can potentially life five-hundreds pounds and a man can lift a thousand? Who ever needs to lift that much?)

    The idea that women are so vastly inferior kind of cheapens women as partners for men. I want a woman, and I want her to want to please me (at least as much as I will want to please her) but I do not necessarily want her to be retarded, or unintelligent, or witless, or panicky.

  7. I believe every female should be stripped of her "humanity" trained like the animal she is and made to see that she is a tool for men nothing more.

    No females are not human. they should be stripped of everything including clothing and lead around like a dog on a leash.

    made to part her legs or open her mouth when ever her owner desires.