Thursday, 31 October 2013

The nature and purpose of a cunt

The nature and purpose of a cunt

The word cunt has several different meanings in the philosophy of Male Truth

Its first and most obvious meaning is the female genitals. A girl's twat or what feminists call her vagina or pussy.

Its second most common meaning is to refer to an unpleasant person - 'you cunt!' - or a stupid one - 'you stupid cunt!' The way in which both stupidity and nastiness are intimately associated with the female genitals is no accident.

As Francis Grose put it in his 'Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue' a cunt is 'a nasty name for a nasty thing.'

So a cunt is not only the gaping hole between a girl''s legs but also the source of her stupidity, bad attitudes and bad behaviour.

That's why masculist philosophers and psychologists recognise cuntishness as being not only a general female disposition to be stupid, think wrongly and behave badly but as being a specific form of mental illness and one that is almost always associated with psychopathic attitudes and behaviour.

So what exactly IS cuntishness? It's two things really, separate but one deriving from the other.

The first and most primitive meaning of cuntishness is that it consists in simply being born with a cunt.

As the founder of Male Truth His Majesty Femboss put it in his famous 'cuntito' principle: 'because a female HAS a cunt she IS a cunt.'

So simply BECAUSE we're born female we're all born with a cunt and therefore we ARE all cunts.

The second and more complex definition of cuntishness is that HAVING a cunt leads to girls adopting certain types of attitude and behaviour that are inherently anti-social.

The natural and inherent cuntishness of us girls has of course been made much worse by the terrible effects of two hundred years of feminist propaganda, miseducation and anti-male laws brought in under its influence. Because feminism not only elevates females to a special and privileged place in society simply BECAUSE they have a cunt but also positively ENCOURAGES girls to adopt cuntish attitudes and to behave in a cuntish way, Femboss (one of His many reforms in language and thinking) rechristened feminism as 'cuntism.'

Cuntism stands for a culture of entitlement and special treatment based on nothing more than the fact that females HAVE a cunt. It's against nature and it promotes conflict betweenthe genders when what we need is harmony and balance.

So let's go back to basics. What exactly IS the purpose of a cunt?

One obvious purpose is for us girls to piss out of it. In that sense a cunt is functioal so does have a practical application.

What are the other functions of a cunt? Unlike other female animals cunts don''t come into heat but can be fucked both at any time of year and without pregnancy being the only goal of the male.

Basically us girls have cunts so we can be fucked whenever men want to fuck us. As with our tits we have a cunt NOT for our own pleasure but for the pleasure of men

Another purpose of a cunt is to carry men's life-giving spunk inside us and fertilise our eggs. Once again we are passive vessels receiving men's gift of life and so once more our cunt is there to serve MEN and NOT ourselves.

In every aspect of life nature shows that the whole purpose of us HAVING a cunt is to serve MEN and for our cunt to be used by them.

So, as with our tits, our cunt is a part of our body that is primarily designed to give pleasure to men.

Trying to elevate something that is meant to be USED by men and to SERVE them into something that somehow mysteriously gives cunts mystical 'rights' and 'entitlements' is a total perversion of nature.

Our cunts were meant to be used by men and to give them pleasure and NOT the other way around!


  1. Yay you're back! :D

    1. Yes, i'm back and as feisty and controversial (cuntroversial?) as ever!

  2. its funny how simple it is when you just look at our bodies. us girls literlly have nothing between our legs, actual empty space, where men have huge powerful penises with big important balls. not only do we have nothing, our nothing is specifically designed to please and be used by men. at men's request, we shave the hair and workout like crazy to make sure we have thigh gaps that show off our stupid empty space and reveal how we have absolutely nothing compared to them. its so natural lol.

    1. That's so true; it makes a pleasant change for me to hear from another girl who doesn't just think I'm a sick fuck, a psycho, a fake or a troll.

      Yes, our cunts are simply designed by nature to be used by Men; to be penetrated and fucked and fingered. We are nothing and our cunts are an open and obvious display of that simple truth.