Sunday, 25 May 2014

Why every girl should learn to be a good cocksucker

Why every girl should learn to be a good cocksucker

OK, I’ve been asked about this question recently so here are some of my random thoughts on the issue. I’ll start by listing some of the main reasons why it’s a good thing for us girls to suck men’s cocks and then talk about attitudes, actions and stuff like that.

Reason number 1 – this should ALWAYS be top of a girl’s list of reasons for doing anything – the man enjoys it when you suck his cock! You are giving him pleasure which is what you’re SUPPOSED to be doing when you’re being fucked or otherwise sexually active with him! So let’s list the many reasons why a girl should dedicate her time to sucking his cock.

1        The man enjoys it!
2        Keeps his cock hard!
3        Reduces the risk of colon cancer
4        Reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
5        Remind you he’s always the boss
6        Slightly degrading which makes you remember to show proper humility
7        More likely to make him stay with you
8        Sperm is high in protein!
9        Reduces wrinkles - sucking cock is the best form of facial exercise there is and will reduce wrinkles and keep your jaw from sagging
10    Good for your teeth – sucking his cock stimulates saliva which fights germs, prevents bad breath, fights tooth decay and gum disease
11    Reduces stress – semen contains cortisol, a hormone that is known to reduce stress
12    Prevents insomnia – sperm contains the natural soporific agent melatonin which will help you sleep easily!
13    Makes you feel good and happy – spunk has two chemicals, estrone and oxytocin, that are known to make your mood more cheerful. It also contains thyrotropin which is a natural anti-depressant.
14    Reduces the risk of breast cancer – the glycoprotein and selenium in spunk will reduce the risk of breast cancer.
15    No pregnancies – of course you can’t get pregnant from sucking cock! (Though the decision on pregnancy/contraception/abortion should always be the man’s decision. As I put it in a slogan about a year or so ago, ‘her body, his choice!’
I’m sure there are lots of other good reasons why us girls should always be keen and enthusiastic
cocksuckers but those will do for starters!

Now let’s talk about attitudes towards cocksucking. Too many girls seem to think it’s THEIR choice
whether or not to suck cock and whether or not to spit or swallow.

WRONG – it’s always the MAN’S choice what he gets to put inside your mouth!

(Just as it’s his choice what he does with any other part of your body!)

So a girl should approach cocksucking as her duty and as something that’s pleasurable for the man and
helps to keep her properly humble. When a man’s thrusting inside your mouth and filling it with his seed a
girl should be grateful, humble and totally submissive to his demands. She should recognise that having
his prick inside her mouth is an honour and being allowed to taste his spunk is a huge honour.

So how to go about it? Here are a few suggestions.

1 Get on your knees while you're sucking his cock. It's uncomfortable for you but very pleasurable for him which is all that matters. A lot of men like to use your back as a footrest while you're sucking their cock which also adds to the element of humiliation that reinforces the humility us girls OUGHT to feel in the situation.
2 Remember the whole business is all about HIM and about HIS pleasure. Let HIM control the pace and always be in charge. If he wants to fuck your mouth gently let him; if he wants to fuck it hard, banging your face and mouth against his cock, using your ears or hair as handholds, that’s fine. It’s HIS choice how he decides he wants to fuck your mouth – NOT yours!
3 Don’t even THINK about spitting out his cum. He’s doing you an HONOUR by cumming inside your mouth and spitting it out is being rude, disrespectful and rejecting him which is just not on under any circumstances. Let HIM decide what he wants to do with his spunk.
4 If he wants to cum on your face, let him. That’s degrading for a girl and the humiliation of it is pleasurable for him.
5 If he wants you to swallow his spunk, let him. It’s always HIS decision and never yours!
6 Don’t forget to kiss his balls as part of the process.
7 When he’s finished clean his cock and balls with your tongue and mouth. Make sure you get every last bit of spunk off his prick.

Remember at all times that HE is in control and when you suck his cock you are making a conscious and open sign of your submission to his superior male equipment.

And never forget – there are only a few purposes for which a female’s mouth is intended.

Number one is sucking a man’s cock and that is more important than ANY of the other things our mouths do!


  1. I've always hated girls spitting. Whenever I see it in porn I always lose any arousal and switch over to something else. I'm usually not a very hostile person but spitting always makes me angry.

    I've actually seen women hold the cum in their mouths and even continue awkwardly talking before finding a place to spit. Why, if you hate the taste, would you hold it in your mouth for minutes rather than get rid of it immediately by swallowing. They don't even know why, I think, they just know they should spit. The logic is so... cuntlike.

    If I had my way spitting would be a capital crime.

  2. the girl any filthy name you can think of while she is sucking your cock. It degrades her and will be a hot turn on for you. Remind her what a fucking slut she really is. Tell her you will rape her in the ass if she doesn't do it exactly right.

  3. Great post. That point about giving the man's balls a kiss is a good one especially. Cock sucking etiquette is a lot like proper table manners. It's something important that females should be expected to know. Love it or hate it, it has to been done regularly either way. No girl is too good to have her face put in a man's lap where it belongs.

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  7. If the man prefers your mouth to your cunt, it’s because you lazy slut, you haven’t trained your cunt properly.
    A well trained cunt will “suck” his Dick to his ecstasy. It WANTS to swallow his semen. And, it gives you the opportunity to get knocked up and to give him a brat.
    If you will always wear only skirts, and never wear knickers/panties, you can be ready to service him at a moment’s notice. Find a private place, like a “family” WC, and just bend over. He will then flip your skirt on your back, slip Dick in, empty his seminal vesicles and prostate into your (actually HIS) cunt, and go on relieved and contented.
    The only minus to using a cunt is when it’s doing its disgusting bleeding, but as soon as it’s knocked up, that will hold off for nine months.