Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Personality and personhood - Part One

What exactly IS a person? What makes us people rather than animals or objects?

On my previous blog post about consent this issue was raised by a reader in his comments. He argued in effect that women are NOT people and that therefore human rights, or consent, can’t apply to them.

There’s an obvious difference between personality and ‘personhood.’ Certainly animals DO have distinct personalities even though they’re obviously NOT people at least in the ordinary sense of the word.

Then there’s the question of maturity. A child is obviously not as capable, experienced or as able to reason and make decisions as an adult. Are they less of a person than an adult? Or is it just that adulthood entitles them to greater rights (and of course also lays greater responsibilities on them)?

There’s no doubt that women, like animals, have personalities of their own. The question is whether or not they also have ‘personhood.’ In effect, I suppose the question is – are women human?

Recent scientific discoveries have shown that the biological differences between men and women are much greater than was previously believed. Here are some key examples:

1 Both animals and women have an oestrus cycle when the egg is ‘produced’ although in women this is also overlaid with a menstrual cycle when the egg is ‘destroyed.’

2 The DNA of women is MORE closely related to apes than male DNA. Women are genetically CLOSER to apes than men are.

3 A woman’s vagina is directly connected to her brain in a way and to a degree that is not true of men and their penis.

4 Rape is the NORMAL form of sex in the animal kingdom and even though that’s not true of women in the human world what IS true is that when a woman is raped her chances of becoming pregnant are DRAMATICALLY higher. Most women who are raped also orgasm which clearly shows that their body consented, wanted and preferred rape – the natural way of fucking – to ‘lovemaking.’

5 Evolutionary scientists have also demonstrated that rape is not only MORE natural than the ‘lovemaking’ that society approves of but that children born through rape tend to be stronger, healthier and less likely to have genetic defects than children born from ‘lovemaking.’ They believe that the sperm of rapists tends to be healthier and stronger and that, biologically speaking, the rapist is doing the girl as favour by giving her stronger and healthier offspring.
6 Women have smaller brains than men which also function in a completely different way. It’s no accident that women as a whole (there are always a few exceptions all of which turn out to have masculine characteristic and a higher share of male genes) are less intelligent and less capable than men.

So can we decide on the basis of this evidence whether or not women are people?

Genetically women are closer to apes than men and so must be at least LESS human than men.

Women DO have an oestrus cycle as well as a menstrual one so again they are MORE closely related to animals than men are (and therefore LESS human).

Our cunts are directly linked to our brains while a man’s cock is not so once again women are LESS human than men.

Rape shows again that women are animals because men don’t orgasm from being raped.

The inferior size and capabilities of the female brain also show that women are closer to animals than men are.

So can we assert that women are NOT human or simply that they’re LESS human than men?

This question is important for lots of reasons but perhaps most obviously because if women are NOT human then human rights can’t and shouldn’t apply to them.

There seem to be five basic ways of looking at the status of women.

1 The female supremacists believe that women are superior to men which is obvious nonsense

2 Feminists believe that women are equal to men which again is obvious nonsense

3 Women should be regarded as being on the same level as children

4 Women are animals and not human at all

5 Women are objects and not human at all

There’s a lot of good arguments in favour of the third, fourth and fifth views. A child can’t have the same roles, responsibilities or rights as an adult but they still have certain human rights.

Even if women are animals don’t we still have the idea that cruelty to animals is wrong?

So do we still have some rights even if we’re not human?

On the claim that women are objects although it’s sometimes fun as a fantasy I don’t believe it. Objects can’t think or feel or do anything by themselves while women can. So we’re not objects.

So are we animals like dogs cats, horses, pigs or whatever?

Women might have MORE ape DNA than men but men have it too.

Basically my researches and analysis led me to the conclusion that none of the five theories about women are true,

1 Women are NOT superior to men

2 Women are NOT equal to men

3 Women are NOT perpetual children because adult women can do loads of things that kids can’t

4 Women are NOT animals because they can do things animals can’t

5 Women are NOT objects because they can do lots of things and objects can’t do anything

So what’s the solution? When you think about it, it’s obvious, really.

We need a sixth theory to explain women, which is:

6 Women are an intermediate species; not fully human like men are but partly human and partly animal. They’re definitely a lower and less evolved species than men but their intermediate status means that they DO have some human characteristics.

In my follow-up post I’ll examine what legal, moral and practical consequences follow from the recognition of women as a separate semi-human (perhaps the words ‘subhuman,’ ‘hominid’ or ‘feminid’ would be better terms) but inferior species to men in every way.

What should be the legal status of the subhuman group the feminids?

How should their lives among humans (i.e., males) be organised?

I’ll look at these issues in my follow-up post.


  1. Good post.

    Not all of the points work perfectly, a few don't use entirely logical comparisons. Female animals orgasm from rape, as do female humans. On the other hand male animals orgasm from RAPING, as do male humans.

    Doesn't that mean both genders have the same animal trait there?

    On the other hand the general point still follows. Women (in general) possess small irrational minds (and bodies for that matter) prone to strange behavior. So where they belong in the grand scheme of things is an important question. I hope you follow through on this post.

  2. Dear Ma'am

    Why would you call women a lower and less evolved species than men when it's the women who have both the x and y chromosomes and would - some time in the not so distant future - even become capable of reproducing asexually. It's the men who depend on women: both for their sexual need (which is what God desired, thus making procreation possible) and for begetting children (which is true the other way round also but asexuality would negate this in future).

    Also, a man can sleep around and sow his wild oats everywhere on a mere whim (or just being sexually ensnared by the charms of a woman), thus becoming similar to animals (dogs, mostly) while being absolutely uncaring about his seed left in the woman's womb (dogs forget about the bitch they fucked while the bitch raises the baby irrespective of its fatherhood).
    Alec screws the unsuspecting and gullible Tess in Tess of the d'Urbervilles without remorse, again in the manner of dogs or any animal in heat.

    Men are attracted to female attributes like breasts even if the woman bearing those appendages is absolutely unaware of a man's interest in their frontal portion (the roving eye). Doesn't it then follow that a horny man would fuck a woman who catches his eye (and raises his dick) just like a dog even if the woman does not like him (she is choosing, looking beyond physicality and thus being more human)?

    1. it is not the woman that has both the x and y chromosome bro, its the man.

  3. Well, facts are facts.

    It IS a fact that women are genetically CLOSER to the apes than men and that alone means that they MUST be less evolved.

    With developments like artificial wombs the need for women to conceive, carry and give birth would make them every bit as potentially redundant as men.

    And as women are capable of using birth control, the morning after pill, abortion and so on these days pregnancy (at least in the West) is very much a conscious choice by a female.

    Women have sexual desires just as men do and women, like men, on the whole want children.

    Women are just as capable of being promiscuous as men especially with birth control and abortion.

    Women are capable of being attracted to handsome men just as men are to beautiful women.

    And I'm not quite sure about the point of your last sentence. Are you saying that you think it's wrong for men to just fuck women because he wants to or not?

    And are you saying you think a woman ought to have the right to say no to a man who wants to fuck her?

    It's not entirely clear from the way it's worded.

  4. I am looking forward to part II, and beyond.

  5. I love your blog and I like your ideas about rape and the place of women.

  6. I came across your site while doing some research into my own personal issues and it is so refreshing to see someone giving voice to things I have thought about for so long. I am just so sorry that it's taken me this long to find your site. I hope you will keep writing.

    1. Hi, Kristie. If you'd like to chat with me you can either e-mail me at

      or chat via Yahoo Messenger at

      I've helped a lot of women in similar positions to you and me and I'd be happy to do the same with you if you'd like.

    2. Kristie, I'd be interested in chatting with you as well on this subject. Hopefully you still get notifications on replies from blogger. Email me at aceofspades21 at

  7. The relationship dynamics between a woman and her husband is certainly similar to a man and his daughter. In fact it is modeled on it. As Madonna sings "like a child" in "Prayer" A woman's relationship with her father is repeated with her husband. Like children a woman needs discipline, thus the craving for spanking, and strength in a man. A man must be able to lift up and hold down his wife, just like a child. As for estrus, this is true, a woman will ovulate when subjected to stress, such as rape or a sound thrashing. Like a child a woman will wet herself uncontrollably when excited! Just look up the Beetle concerts and the rivers of urine!