Friday, 10 February 2012

Welfare sluts

Welfare sluts

One of the biggest problems we've got in society is the amount of money we're wasting on paying so-called single mothers millions in benefits.


Because they got pregnant and couldn't be bothered to do the decent thing and marry the bloke?

Well, the way I see it, you've got to take the consequences of what you do in life. If you're going to go around having it off and you're up the duff as a result, well, I'd say that's YOUR problem.

Why should WE have to pick up the tab for a bunch of slappers?

And look at all the goodies they get given to them on a plate - free council homes, housing benefit, "lone parent" benefit, family allowance, free teeth, free pretty well everything! Those "single mums" are nothing but a bunch of freeloaders!

Well, it's high time this particular gravy train got run right into the buffers!

If a bloke goes with a prostitute and has it off with her she isn't going to come on to him for money if she winds up with a bun in the oven!

So why should WE be expected to fork out OUR hard-earned dosh so that a bunch of part-time whores can live high on the hog on OUR money just because they couldn't keep their legs closed?

These girls aren't "single mums" or "lone parents;" they're welfare sluts getting paid by the taxpayer for having it off!

So how can we get rid of the problem of these welfare sluts?

The first thing to do is to stop REWARDING the whores for opening their legs and start PUNISHING them for it!

Here's my five-point plan for getting rid of the problem of welfare sluts for GOOD.

1    Take away their council homes
2    Take away their housing benefit
3    Take away their "lone parent" benefit and family allowance
4    Take away their bastard kids and put them up for adoption with MARRIED couples
5    Send the lazy slags out to do a PROPER day's work!

If we do all that then these welfare sluts will disappear overnight..

And a good thing too!


  1. I much agree with this post. I also think though that the sluts should be fixed, so they can't have more illigitimate kids.

  2. I agree 100% with what you've said about these welfare sluts.

    A good name for them I reckon!

    Dirty whores - why can't they get married and bring up their kids in a proper relationship?

    1. because no one wants their worthless skank asses.

  3. Well, someone obviously wanted them enough to fuck them, didn't they?

  4. Sure you may laugh about what you write.
    But...when you'll fall in love...desires will become reality

  5. Sometimes i laugh; sometimes I use humour and satire as a weapon; sometimes i'm a shock jock.

    When i talk about how i feel about welfare sluts what i say is deadly serious.

    And i have been in love for some years now with my Husband who is also my Lord and Master.

  6. You were in council housing as a single mother.
    What the fuck, man.

  7. I can't agree with this post more. I know of so many welfare sluts and I can tell you most of them got pregnant in the first place so they wouldn't have to work. Not only do they get welfare, they also blackmail their parents for money saying that welfare isn't enough to keep the children fed and clothed. I personally know a welfare slut that had another baby simply because she wanted a bigger house! She has far more savings than I have and I've worked all my life.

  8. I agree with Anonymous. You are contradicting yourself. You want to take away the council homes of single mothers, yet, you was one yourself!

  9. It's not that I'm contradicting myself; it's I realised a few years later that it was WRONG that I'd been a single mother in a council home.

    And I'm married now anyway living in a private home.