Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The unimportance of a woman's consent

The unimportance of a woman’s consent

I dealt with the question of consent in an earlier post but this time I want to go into it in a bit more detail and from several different angles.

There are several different ways in which consent can be interpreted but the main ones are active consent, where one or more parties deliberately pursue a course of action; tacit consent, where their failure to act implies consent; negative consent, where people complain but go along with it in spite of their objections; and implicit consent, where by doing or not doing something they are implying consent to an act.

As well as these areas, where consent is required to some extent, there’s also the question of the many situations where consent is not only not needed but is an irrelevant factor. How can a child consent or refuse to consent to anything meaningful?

Of course that doesn’t mean that kids don’t need protecting from predatory adults like paedophiles; that they don’t need to be tended and not neglected or abused; that they don’t have certain basic human rights that need to be respected.

What it does mean is that they can’t give an active, informed consent to pretty well anything and adults, especially family members, have to decide for them.

In the same way, criminals can’t be allowed to “consent” to their punishment any more than lunatics can “consent” to their medical treatment.

Nor can animals “consent” to being owned or object to their owners’ treatment of them.

I’m going to try and show how and why I think that females fall into the same category of a person whose consent is not necessary and is an irrelevant factor.

To begin with, it’s arguable whether us girls are even human beings at all. Men are; it’s not so clear with girls. If we’re not human then of course human rights don’t and can’t apply to us.

I’m not totally sure if we are human or not [http://bornwithacunt.blogspot.com/2011/06/are-women-human.html]. From a purely personal point of view I hope we are but I’m not sure.

What is certain is that we’re genetically inferior to men. Women are closer to the apes than men are. The male is a higher, more evolved species than the female. [http://bornwithacunt.blogspot.com/2011/05/girls-closer-to-apes-than-men-are.html]

So, at the very least, us girls are less human than men.

That means that we’re less capable of giving our “consent” to anything than men are and that our “consent” or non-consent is at least less important than a man’s consent, if not an entirely irrelevant issue.

Secondly, as well as being genetically inferior to men, we’re also less intelligent than they are. Our brains are smaller than men’s; they process information differently; and we have far less ability to reason, think abstractly and deal with shapes and numbers.

The bottom line is we’re more stupid than men.

Again, our innate stupidity makes the question of our “consent” less important and a factor that can, quite reasonably, be ignored completely if necessary.

Another aspect of the way our smaller brains work is that we’re more emotional than men and so we find it harder to think rationally and tend just to follow our whims and feelings.

Another way we fall down in comparison with men is how we react in a crisis. Women tend to freeze and panic while men think and act to get out of a dangerous situation.

All these facts make the question of a woman’s “consent” far less important than a man’s consent. He consents with open eyes, in full knowledge of the facts and more or less understanding the consequences of his actions. Women tend to drift on a sea of uninformed emotion and indecisiveness.

So let’s recap briefly:
1                     Women may not even be human at all
2                     Even if they are, science tells us they’re a lower form of humanity than men are
3                     Women are less capable of giving consent because of their closer relationship to animals
4                     Women are more stupid than men and therefore less capable of giving consent
5                     Women are less rational than men and therefore less capable of giving consent
6                     Women are more emotional than men and therefore less capable of giving consent
7                     Women freeze in a crisis which makes them less capable of giving consent

When you put all these factors together, it’s difficult not to feel that women don’t even know what they’re doing half the time, why they’re doing it and how they really think/feel about it.

The bottom line is, a woman’s “consent” is just not relevant. It’s nice if she does consent but her “consent” just isn’t necessary or even important and can quite reasonably be ignored.

As a logo I saw on the web said, “Our Will Does Not Matter.”


  1. Damn am I glad I am with a woman who understands the concept of being property :)

    I have argued about consent many times, especially where it is implied, on various sites, and folks just don't get it. They think folks can only consent to nice, wanted things.

  2. I like this post... I am mostly in agreement. My argument would be not so much that women aren't human, but that we retain the inability to consent meaningfully from childhood. In other words, we physically become adults, but unlike men we never truly gain the ability to consent.

    So if a man wants to use me, who am I to object? I could, but it wouldn't really mean anything, any more than a child objects to going to bed early.

  3. I've been following your blog for quite a while but this is the first time I've had the courage to post a comment.

    I'm a woman and I broadly consider myself a feminist. On the other hand, I also believe in female submission.

    Yes, I know, sounds a bit self-contradictory, doesn't it? You won't be the first person to reproach me with that criticism.

    On the other hand, I agree with about 60% of what you say absolutely; half-agree with about another 20%; and disagree like mad with you on the rest.

    Consent IS a tricky issue. I actually agree with you that the whole idea of 'partner rape' is a total nonsense. Worse than that, it's dishonest nonsense.

    On the other hand, while I'm happy for my own Master (I'm married with two kids) to fuck me even if I'm not in the mood, I really don't feel the same way about a stranger treating me like my Man does.

    He's got the right to Own me and to boss me about; some guy who just comes up to me on the street IMO doesn't have that same right.


  5. You forgot to mention two things.
    Women are also weaker (both mentally and physically) and inclined to look at men for guidance when the going gets tough.
    The innate submissiveness of women to men should also be counted as evidence of your lower rank. If women was as capable as men why do they naturally look for help from men? A womans relationship to a man should be similar to a childs relationship to it's parents. Sometimes children think they are capable of things they are not and the same goes for women. It's important that a man's there to correct her.
    It's not a coincidence that men has had dominion over women since the beginning of our history. Women were made to be submissive to men. It's natural!

  6. I agree Jonas. Women are like children, in that their power to reason and think about anything are simply not as good as what us men can do.That is how I treat my woman. On the other hand, I feel that a man has the responsibility to care for his woman so long as she maintains her true place in the relationship- that is, below him.

  7. Another well written article, thank you. i think a lot of the problems women create with the whole 'equality' delusion is the belief we do think and reason as well as men do. This is shown up for the misguided belief it is, when compared to children. Children also think they can reason as well as men, but they can only reason with what their life experience and brain development can handle. women have more brain development than children, but nowhere near as much as men. To the woman it sounds logical, but she cannot grasp how pathetic her attempts are as a man can.

  8. I do not agree with everything you say, but it sure is HOT!!!!

  9. I do not read you enough.
    As an inferior you have to be totally controlled.
    To control you we must know more and always more about your daily activities.
    You may never decide without a man's consentment!
    Will you find time to understand this?

    1. Sir, I am in a real life full-time 24/7 relationship with my Lord and Master. He knows how to make me truly feel and understand every ounce, every aspect, of my own utter worthlessness and inferiority as a mere female and of His onw innate superiority over me and indeed that of ALL Gentlemen over me or any other girl.

      Of course i am never permitted to decide anything without His consent; His word and will is my law and i abide by it in every respect, Sir.

      As for my daily activities, I think it would be best if I started a new blog post t answer that side of my life, Sir.

    2. I would very much like to read that blog! I found your blog because my wife gave me unconditional consent a couple days ago. I was/am so blown away that I sought to understand it...and wound up here.

      You have eloquently described, in an unexpected context, how our relationship with God is, or should be. Thank you!

      ...meanwhile, I'm still trying to understand why my wife of many years (a person who has had trust issues all her life) would give me unconditional consent....and exactly what it really means.

  10. I believe control is a matter decided in personal real life relationships, not online cyber world F.S. Since worthlessfem has stated she has a man in her life (I forget whether or not she's said she is married), I assume that he's the boss in her life, not you or me, so it's not up to us what she shares and what she does not share.

    I would deeply regret it, but if she decides to shut this blog down or if her master orders her to do so, that would be the final word on the subject.


    1. Thank You very much, Sir. Of course my Husband is my Lord and Master and He is everything to me and i am nothing. He has brought me to the truth and i am happier serving Him than i ever was in my feminist days when i thought i was the equal of a Gentleman instead of being an unutterably and unalterably inferior in every way.

      He is indeed the boss in my life, Sir, and He decides upon every aspect of it.

      And that is exactly how it should be.

      Thank You again for Your kind words, Sir.

  11. Holy fuckin shit, as a man. I can say you are batshit insane. The people here are absolutely pathetic. Goodbye to this failed blog.

    1. and you're a totally clueless girly-man, brainwashed by feminists... worhlessfem does get it right here

    2. Thank god, a sane comment. I thought I'd wandered into an alternate reality where people genuinely thought women were subhuman and that rape is just fine, as long as the man's up for it!
      The "logic" used here is laughable at best and fucking lunacy at worst. If you like being overpowered, then fine, that's your business, but it is reprehensible to try and justify the rape of others because you think that women are "stupid", or worse try to manipulate science to convince others of the fact.
      I hope for the sake of humanity that you're trolling.

  12. Another great post. I totally agree that a woman's consent is irrelevant. Something I demonstrate everyday with my own property. The only thing I might disagree with is that a I think a woman is human.

  13. I agree to, women concent is irrelevant. She is inferior and weaker than Man, and she is his propiety, so He can do with her everything He wants. Worthless do you still think the same way?