Friday, 18 May 2012

Back in business!

Sorry for the long break. There has been illness in the family which has drastically taken up most of my time.

I hope to be posting more challenging articles in the near future.

In the meantime I'm just announcing that i'm back!


  1. Been looking forward to your return

  2. Good to hear it. I anticipate your next article and glad you are back.


  3. Sorry to hear of the family issue but glad you are back.

  4. Used To Be A Reader9 June 2012 at 23:35

    Your posts are insane, I used to read a lot of them, but I've since found Love and COULD NEVER treat a woman the way you are suggesting here.

    The fact that I ever read this blog turns my stomach now, just came back one last time to say that, and goodbye.

  5. Insane, eh? Well, maybe i am insane.

    God knows i've asked that question myself enough times.

    people find happiness in different ways.

    do you think love is something that's only about flowers and chocolate boxes?

    do you think i don't love my husband or kids?

    do you think they don't love me?

    believe me, we DO love each other.

    it's not insane to think that the way the world is might be the real insanity.

    some people have the guts to debate and argue their point of view.

    if you want to do that i'm happy to try and answer your criticisms.

    your post is just a little boy ringing a door bell and running away.

    not much to admire about that.

  6. I've enjoyed reading your post. Please continue. I like the way you think on most things.

  7. WTF you say you are back in business but no posts. i know i am just a female, so i do not have any right to order you around, but i love your view of things so start fuckin writting bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yeah, I'm sorry, the last few months have been pretty tough with illness and a death (not the same person) in the family so I've had very little time to get involved with other stuff.

    I'm also a bit drained but I'll post something over the next few days.

    Any particular areas you'd like to me talk about, by the way?

  9. Sorry to hear that you're experiencing illness and death in the family. I hope this storm passes soon. I can sympathize as I am at an age now where I find myself attending more funerals and doing more hospital visits. And taking care of yourself and your family takes priority over keeping online fans happy.