Monday, 20 August 2012

Legitimate rape?

A US politician running for the Senate has just got into trouble for saying that pregnancy doesn't result from 'legitimate rape.'

Of course he's been howled down by the feminists and disowned by almost everyone but if you go behind the rhetoric, the politics and the sloganising let's consider the FACTS.

In the first place what does he MEAN by a legitimate rape?

IS there such a thing?

Is ALL rape legitimate?

Are his facts CORRECT about the level of pregnancies resulting from rape?

I'll answer these questions not in the order I've posed them.

First off, I can't speak for American statistics (someone I know says that in the US the official figures for pregnancies resulting from rape are 4% but I find it hard to believe it's so low.

In Britain research has DEFINITELY shown that a girl is MORE likely to get pregnant if she's raped than if she has 'consensual sex.'

So actually if you look at it from the point of view of pure biology rape is a MORE efficient way of getting pregnant than consensual sex!

And the statistics are that pregnancy is MORE likely to come about through rape than through consensual sex!

So the guy's facts are wrong - probably obtained from some feminist source or something equally untrustworthy.

So let's get back to the biggie; what IS a legitimate rape?

Well, IMO the answer's pretty simple.

If a husband, partner, boyfriend or person in a similar relationship has sex with a girl even if it really IS 'against her will' then it ISN'T real rape.

If a girl is leading a guy on and refusing to put out and he gets frustrated and forces her then it ISN'T real rape.

So ''rape' under any of those circumstances just ISN'T any big deal and certainly NOT any kind of crime.

So what about 'stranger rape?' Is THAT a legitimate rape or not?

Well, the way I look at it, if a girl is going out on her own or doing anything without her owner then she knows that the expectation is going to be that she's at the very least looking for a good time if not a downright whore.

So if a girl goes out on her own and gets raped then IMO she deserves everything she got!

Whichever way I look at it I keep coming back to the same conclusion.

Rape is NOT a crime, CANNOT be a crime and SHOULD not be listed as a crime on the statute books.

ANY girl who gets raped has obviously ASKED for it and is only getting what she deserves.

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  1. Hi worthlessfem...Been waiting for a new post. I think I agree with at least half of what you have posted today and in the past. Please keep it up. You blogged once I think about girls cumming while being raped. My wife was raped at least twice before we were married and she said she got off both times. Her sister was raped once and she too said she came. Both agree they had it coming because they were out drinking and acting in ways she shouldn't have been around strange men who were itching for a piece of ass anyway they could get it. The odd thing is my wife can start taking about the times she was raped and she get horny as hell. She told me her sister is the same way. Both seem to get off big time on rape movies. Also, my wife had an affair with her father when she was about 19 and now incest movies get her off as well. Anyway, she would agree with you 100%. Most rapes are avoidable and the women, at least to a certain extent, open themselves up to it and some actually get hot and cum while being so called "raped". I am now thankful my wife was raped. I think it made her as submissive and horny as she is today. Wish I knew who raped her. I would shake his hand.

  2. Thank You, Sir. You are absolutely right about us girls cumming while being raped. When it happened to me it took place over a long weekend from Friday night to Monday morning and I lost count of how many times i came. Yes, i was out drinking and behaving like a slut and i deserved everything i got.

    And i still get horny thinking about it and of course my Hubby makes sure that our sex is always as close to rape as He can make it.

    And yes, Sir, i agree absolutely that the Gentleman who raped Your wife did everyone a big favour. It's the best sex education a girl can get to be raped IMO.

  3. Great post!
    From my understanding, a woman who orgasms when her cycle is right to get pregnant is more likely to be impregnated, than if she doesn't have an orgasm. So, just going from the many examples of women being excited by losing control and being subdued by a dominant male, would indicate that forced sex or rape is more likely to excite her than that bland vanilla sex with her co-equal male partner.....and that of course, would bolster the case that the woman is more likely to be impregnated through rape than conventional sex.

    It's too bad this religious nutbar Republican couldn't do a little fact-checking before he started preaching on the issue, because his other point that most examples that are now considered rape would not fall within that same definition 40 years ago before the feminists started changing the laws.

    I don't accept the changes that were rape within marriage and drunk girls crying rape after they decide later that they shouldn't have had sex with the guy. Rape is when a man is a sexual predator and stalks women who may be in a vulnerable situation. For example, the many women who have to take public transit at late hours and walk part of the way home from work. I wouldn't legitimize the sexual predator who's looking for such an opportunity, and I would say that most men are like myself, and will actually go out of our way to avoid the appearance that we might be following or watching them.

    But, in my own house, if I want to have sex, I expect my wife to comply. If she objects regarding PMS or period issues, then like Mel Gibson says - I expect her to blow me!


  4. Thank You, Sir. Like You, i don't agree with the changes in the law that were so foolishly made under the influence of feminist propaganda.

    When it comes down to it i guess my own view is that we were born to be the property of Men and that an unowned female has to take responsibility for her own actions instead of crying rape when she goes out late at night and gets drunk and so on.

    It amazes me that i've heard feminists saying that they think that walking naked down the street drunk out of their mind somehow is some kind of inalienable right for a girl.

    Whatever happened to responsibility for your actions?

  5. Yes, traditionally a girl was the property of her father until given in marriage. The father walking the bride down the aisle is just a ceremony today, but it used to mean that the father was literally giving his daughter to the bridegroom and she was his property exemplified in the other traditions:

    such as the bride taking her husband's name. This was a literal demonstration that she had no independent legal status, and had gone from her father's name to her husband's. A male on the other hand, continues the father's name and legacy.

    and even more important, the traditional wedding vows of the bride (which my wife used) promised to love, honor, and OBEY. If we ever get our culture back on track, these traditions will be more than symbolic in the future.

    And, you may be referring to this "slut walk" phenomena of the last year or so, where girls and women dress as deliberately provocative (like sluts!) as possible...even topless in a few demonstrations, and expect that they should be allowed to dress or undress in any manner they like and no man is allowed to touch them or even say anything calling them sluts!

    Most of the time they can get away with it because most men are not predators, and even if we get turned on, we are not going to turn into animals and rape or sexually assault them. And if we have children, it is our responsibility as fathers to train our sons to act responsibly also, and train our daughters to not be SLUTS -- to dress modestly, avoid situations that might put them at risk, and to be neither provocative nor confrontational when speaking to a man they do not know. Even with this, there are predators out there, who will seek out an opportunity to rape a girl or woman, but females who are responsible are much less at risk than the slut who gets drunk and careless, and just expects that she can face no consequences for her behaviour.

    It may be possible that some young women, like a teenage girl who came staggering down my street at 3:00 a.m. awhile back, who I called a cab for, are either consciously or unconsciously living on the edge to see what will happen, and get excited by the prospect that a stranger might seize upon them and take them by certainly is the theme of a lot of those romance novels that my wife reads!


  6. worthlessfem, I must say I find your writings a breath of fresh air. You mentioned your 3 children in your newest blog site. I don't know if this a too personal question: are you raising your children with the same beliefs as you and your husband?

  7. Thank You, Sir, for Your wise comments.

    In answer to your question about my children, yes, they ARE raised with the same beliefs as we have. The eldest girl is 12 now so she is at an age when we're seriously wondering how best to further her future along the right lines.

  8. The statistics about rape victims being more likely to get pregnant are likely to be biased because not all rapes get reported. A rape that results in pregnancy is far more likely to get reported than one that does not, so the statistics should show a higher proportion of rape victims being pregnant than is really the case. My understanding is that it makes no difference whether a woman is raped as to whether she conceives.

    I agree with some of your comments about feminism. I think it is sad that feminists have faught so hard for the right of women to choose their lifestyles, only to then criticise those women who freely choose submissives lives and who enjoy submissive sex involving humiliation and pain, both of which are well established aphrodisiacs. I think such narrow-minded puritan attitudes represent a failure to live up to the true ideals of feminism.

    I don't agree that rape is ever right, under any circumstances, even within established relationships or situations where there is already an element of sex. My view is if the girl says 'No', even at the gates of the portal so to speak, then that must be accepted. The defense of 'provocation' doesn't hold water in justifying subsequent rape. Sorry but that is absolute for me even if the idea of rape itself is a turn on.

    On the other hand if a couple are both turned on by thoughts of rape then acting that out, with agreed safe words, is OK and can be very satisfying as it requires great honesty and trust from both parties.

    I am sorry that your obvious enjoyment of submissive sex has led you to question your own self worth and your rights to self-determination, but I am glad that you have the courage to openly explore your sexuality in such a way and the honesty to share that with the rest of us. I admire your blog even if I only agree with some of it.

  9. Worthlessfem: Your glogs are really interesting and important in this times of feminism. I agree with you all. women were bornto be Men´s propiety, because women is inferiror to men in all. So they must obery, serve and be humble and of course always ready to sex. Rape is a gift that women must value and embrace.