Thursday, 23 August 2012

The culture of entitlement

Once upon a time us girls were happy to be taken care of by a man. He was the head of the household and what he said went. Then we got brainwashed by the feminists and suddenly we thought that we were as good as he was.

Before long they were even telling us that we were BETTER than him.

All our former DUTIES like being a good wife and mother went right out of the window.

Suddenly instead of having DUTIES we had RIGHTS.

OK, at first we went along with that but then rights turned into privileges and the next thing we know privileges had become ENTITLEMENTS.

Suddenly us girls were ENTITLED to every fucking thing we wanted and to hell with the guys if they dared to object or even question our demands.

Needs turned into wants and wants into whims, fads and in the end total self-centred indulgence.

Bad behaviour by girls became the norm; respect, consideration, duty, you name it all went down the pan faster than you could say 'whoa!'

One time us girls knew what our proper place in the world was.

Then the feminists started trying to make us all equal.

NOW it seems that just because we're female we need to be treated SPECIAL.

We are supposed to demand everything we want, keep on looking out for more things to demand and basically act like total self-centred spoilt brats.

Well, that's what the culture of entitlement means.

We're 'entitled' to anything we want just because we're female!

That's the sad state of things in the world these days.

The sooner we go back to doing what's RIGHT and to thinking about our DUTIES in the word rather than about our 'entitlements' the better place the world will be!

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