Friday, 24 August 2012

My newest blog

Because I've often been asked about my life experiences I've decided to start a brand new blog where I'll write about them.

It's called 'Donna's Journey to Enlightenment' and the url is:

It begins of course with my 'road to Damascus moment' - my rape at 18 years old and how it began to open my eyes to what I really was and what the proper relationship between men and women was.

Please check it out and comment!

I'll keep this blog going for my more philosophical posts on society and so on.


  1. Hi Donna! I read your blog posts regarding your personal story and how you learned from it, which is most important of all. I was going to post a comment there, but I'm not a blogger and the other board doesn't allow anonymous I'll have to put it here.

    Off the top, I'd say your master is very wise, as he could immediately see both sides of the story: a girl who was confused and filled with guilt and shame, and how the other guy felt after he'd been buying you drinks all night and then getting the brush off from a chick who got him turned on just so he would spend his money on her. So, your master is absolutely right that you were the one at fault, and he was just taking what he had been promised....although from your description, he was rougher than he needed to be, since he already had you completely subdued.


    1. Thank You, Sir. Well, i guess i got Him so pissed off with me that He went further than He might otherwise have done. But then that was all my fault and once He'd raped me i realised how much better it was than vanilla sex.

  2. Yes, what you described wasn't much more than date rape, since you had been with this guy all night and leading him on to get him to spend money on you. A lot of girls seem to think it is okay to use fraud and deception in this way and need to be set straight. And since you recognized that having a man take complete control of you and force you to submit, was exciting to you, you were able to come to terms with the fact that a male/female relationship has to be male dominant and female submissive for it to be satisfying for both. There are lots of frustrated housewives around who can't understand why they aren't satisfied with sex, and a lot of men who need viagra and other drugs to perform sexually, after being psychologically beaten down by women who don't respect them.

    Again, I have to commend your husband/master for his spot-on analysis of the situation, and his willingness to accept a woman who in times past may have been considered damaged goods. But, he was pragmatic enough to realize that every woman is also a potential slut if she does not love, respect and to some degree - fear the man who owns her. I have to assume that he has set rules and limits for you to follow, and has a clear set of punishments that you are subject to if you fail to obey him and follow his rules. And you seem to be a woman who is wise enough to realize that a woman should obey the man who is guiding her and acting in her best interests. Hope everything continues to go well into the future.


  3. Lol how am I supposed to believe you're a woman at all?