Sunday, 14 August 2011

Do we need prisons for females?

Do we need prisons for females?

This is an interesting question that was raised by a member of my message board and which drew some interesting responses. I’ve been giving the whole thing a lot of thought ever since.

In the first place, I guess I need to make it clear that most of the current problems with female crime are directly the fault of the way that feminism has brainwashed and distorted women’s views of the world as it is and the way it should be.

I look forward with a lot of hope to a post-feminist world in which the madness that these women inflicted upon all of us is nothing more than a distant nightmare like Nazism.

In the meantime I’d like to look at it from two different angles. One is that right now we certainly DO seem to need prisons to hold dangerous females. The other is more arguable.

Basically I guess the question is would we still need prisons for females in a post-feminist society, especially if it was based on masculist principles rather than just abolishing the worst abuses and excesses of feminism?

My answer is a qualified, yes. In the first place, during the transitional period when females are being re-educated to understand that feminism was an evil lie and that the true role of a girl is to serve men the best way she can, we’ll still need ways to punish female criminals.

Secondly, even once a masculist new world order is firmly established, I think it would be na├»ve to think that you’re not still going to get girls who do bad things.

OK, there are other ways of punishing them besides prison, agreed. In the first place we need to have the death penalty back in place though of course only girls would be subject to it. Second, the extensive use of judicial flogging, public punishments in the stocks, pillory, ducking stool, scold’s bridle and stuff like that would take care of most of the petty crime without needing to send the girls to prison. Thirdly, the new reforms in family law and the status of girls generally will decriminalise many acts for which men were previously unjustly imprisoned. The most important of these new legal reforms are the legalisation of all types of rape except “stranger rape” and the reclassification of the crime of “domestic violence” as the new legal right of “domestic discipline.” Finally, girls can be sentenced to hard labour in public places rather than sending them to prison.

All these are good and necessary measures but even so I still see a place for prison as a way of punishing bad girls. I’ll give you my reasons.

First off, what about all the men who were unjustly convicted of rape or domestic violence under the bad old feminist laws? OK, they’ll all be released from prison and get monetary compensation for their ordeal. Even so, wouldn’t it be fair for their false accusers to be sent to prison themselves and the men they’d wronged to be put in charge of them as prison guards?

Second, hard labour only really works if it’s done on the basis of the criminal being based in a secure prison unit and led out each day to carry out their work duties.

Thirdly, what about all the girls who are too old, ugly or whatever to be much use to gentlemen in terms of pleasing them sexually? Shouldn’t they be sent to prison so they can be punished and made to work their arses off there?

I guess it goes without saying that prisons under the new post-feminist society would be totally different from the way they are now. Here’s how I see the way that prisons for girls should be in the future. Of course I’ve got lots of other ideas as well but these will do for starters.

1                     All females have no “rights” but female prisoners have even less of them.
2                     All guards in female prisons would be male and preferably recruited from men who’ve been wrongly convicted of rape or domestic violence offences under feminism.
3                     They would have an absolute license to fuck any of the girls under their control without worrying about the law. It would be LEGAL for them to “rape” the female prisoners. (In fact, to encourage recruitment, it could be advertised as one of the “perks” of the job.)
4                     They’d also have an absolute license to use whatever means they liked to control, subdue, punish or discipline the girls in their charge, up to and including deadly force.
5                     Girls held in prison would be naked and held in strict restraint 24/7.
6                     Hard labour for girls would be an automatic and integral part of a prison sentence.
7                     All girls in prison would receive a daily “maintenance” flogging in addition to any other punishments they might be liable to for any bad behaviour.
8                     Female prisoners are absolutely forbidden to complain about their treatment on pain of even more severe punishment.
9                     Any complaint by a guard about a female prisoner will automatically be upheld no matter what the evidence might be.  She will ALWAYS be found guilty of the charges.
10                 There will be NO parole for female inmates. Any girl sentenced to prison must serve at least her full sentence as ordered by the court. NO exceptions are allowed.
11                 A girl sentenced to a fixed term of imprisonment can have it increased by a day for every violation of the prison rules she’s found guilty of, up to a possible maximum of double the girl’s original sentence. (I suspect that in practice almost all girls will serve double whatever sentence they originally got handed down by the court!)
12                 Girls in prison would be fed only the most basic rations. Dry bread and water, porridge made with water instead of milk, cereal with water instead of milk, salad and (since the prisoners will be carrying out very hard physical labour) the following substitutes for “dog food” to help them keep their strength up but with the food still being as disgusting as possible) – a) bitch broth – take a can of beef or chicken, a box of cereal and a carton of gravy. Heat the meat and drain off the water. Add the same amount of cereal as there is meat in the can. Then stir till it’s all blended into a gooey mush, stir in the gravy to make it wet, let it cool to room temperature and serve; b) cunt stew – cook the canned meat, let it cool down in the fridge in a plastic container. Serve cold with mashed potatoes and raw cabbage. To get the maximum effect out of these dishes I recommend serving them to the girls in dog bowls. Disgusting all round but a great way to add to make the girl’s life in prison even more miserable than it already is!
13                 A girls’ day in prison starts with her being woken at 5 o’clock in the morning and dragged out of her cell to carry out her bodily functions. She’ll be ordered to piss and/or shit in full view of the guard into the potty provided in her cell, the only form of toilet facilities she’ll be allowed in prison. Then she has to go to the shower block. Her restraints will be removed so she can shower but there will be no doors on the shower, CCTV will be fitted to the shower cubicle as it will be inside her cell, and she will have to shower in full and constant view of the male guards. Then the girl will be put back into restraints, fucked or otherwise used by the guards for their pleasure, led out to roll call where the governor of the prison will check off the girls against his list and then they’ll be allowed to eat their breakfast before being sent off to work. Any punishments the girl’s earned the previous day will be administered before she goes off to work.
14                 Work in prison won’t be anything cushy like it has been in the past. Hard labour under the new rules will make Sheriff Joe’s methods look positively liberal and soft. Girls will have to carry out strenuous physical labour, doing all the dangerous and unpleasant jobs that men used to have to do. Now female prisoners can be sent out to carry out heavy lifting, heavy hauling, construction work, mining, forestry, rat-catching, sewage work, digging ditches, that sort of thing. Their labour will be farmed out by the prison to local employer who’ll pay the institution for using them to carry out the work. The girls, of course, won’t be paid a penny for their labour but it will help to make the prison an entirely self-supporting institution rather than a drain on the taxpayer. That way the girls actually end up paying indirectly for the cost of their own imprisonment and carrying out hard manual labour! How it should be, right?
15                 The working day for a female inmate will start at 6 o’clock in the morning and won’t end until around 10 o’clock at night. Of course compulsory overtime can always be imposed on the girls if necessary! The girls will be allowed a five minute break at 7.30 a.m., a ten-minute break at 9 a.m., another five minute break at 10.30 a.m. a half-hour break for lunch at 12 o’clock, another five minute break at 1.30 p.m., another ten minute one at 3 o’clock, another five minute break at 4.30 p.m., a fifteen-minute refreshment break at 6 o’clock, a five-minute break at 7.30- p.m., and a ten-minute break at 9 o’clock at night. During the short breaks they will be given water to drink and allowed to rest; during the fifteen and thirty minute breaks they will also get some food, preferably dry bread for the shorter break and bitch broth or cunt stew for the longer break, served either in dog bowls or (my personal preference!) in their potty. To prevent time-wasting by the girls they will have butt plugs securely fastened up their arse all day so that they won’t be able to take a shit. If they want to piss they’ll have to ask one of the male guards or work supervisors for permission and they’ll have to piss into their potty in full view of him! And of course every time they ask to take a piss he has the right to punish the girl for wasting his time with her trivial wishes! During the course of her working day a girl on hard labour can expect to get a fair bit of flogging at the hands of her overseers – and rightly so!
16                 Each day the girl will have her performance monitored by the supervisors or guards. They’ll assess how much work she carried out and check it off against the daily quota they’ve assigned her. If she doesn’t manage to meet her quota she’ll be punished but if she does it will be increased the next day until she can’t! Fair enough, innit?
17                 When the girl’s working day is over at last she’ll be taken back to the prison, made to take another shower and sent back to her cell to sleep. She won’t have anything like a bed, blankets, duvets or linen in her cell, only a hard wooden plank to lie on without any pillows for her to rest her head on. Before being allowed to go to sleep the butt plug will be taken out of her arse but she’ll be fitted with a chastity belt, not to protect her from the guards – she’ll never get any protection from them! – but to stop her going in for lezzy sex with other inmates or being able to frig herself off.  Of course the guards have a key to her belt so if they fancy unlocking it during the night they can come right in and fuck her before locking her up again!
18                 Her cell won’t have any natural light coming in, just a bare bulb that burns night and day. In winter no heating at all will be provided but in the summer the heating will be turned up to the maximum possible temperature. No chair, table or any sort of facilities will be in the cell which will just be bare whitewashed walls.

I reckon all that ought to make prisons for girls so unpleasant that it really will deter female crime!

Just my two pennyworth, anyway!


  1. Is this something you rub off to, or do you actually mean it?

  2. Well, kind sir, life isn't always straightforward but obviously it's a fantasy right now!

  3. If you had the chance to spend some time in such an institution, would you do it?

  4. You say females who are ugly or old should be sent to prison. i disagree, being ugly or old is not a crime. i don't mind the idea of prison, but not for petty reasons. i would like to think rule under men would be just. Being ugly or old is not really under someone's control and if the girl has no rights to her own money or decisions, then getting any sort of plastic surgery to change these situations would also be out of their control.

    There are plenty of things a female can do if she is not found sexually desirable by men.

  5. >1 All females have no “rights” but female prisoners have even less of them.

    I guess since you list this as #1, it must be quite important to you argument

    Errm...if all females have "no" rights, how will female prisoners have "even less of them"?

    What does "less than no rights" mean? Can you give an example of something that could happen to a female prisoner but not any other female?


  6. ok, maybe i could have worded that a bit better.

    all females have no civic rights - for instance, the right to vote, the right to own property, stuff like that

    on the other hand, they do have human rights - the right not to be murdered

    female prisoners don't even have that right

  7. Rape and murder of females is a fetish fantasy of mine, so this made me extremely hard. Thank you, nice read.

  8. stuff like ducking stool, pillories and especially the scolds bridle are WONDERFUL ideas

  9. hey worthlessfem. I absolutely love your blogs!
    I sometimes wonder if you really are a woman but nevertheless it's great to see someone think objectively without the usual stupid feminism.
    I've especially loved your arguments in support of rape.
    I have a question for you. I read in one of your blogs, that most men don't know how to satisfy a woman properly. What would you say is the ideal way to rape a woman
    Like how to rape a woman to orgasm? would love to hear your thoughts!

    1. I don't know how to prove to you that I'm a female, Sir, but I've given birth to three kids which is pretty good evidence!

      The best way to rape a woman? Lord, the first thing to remember is that of course it's more likely that a woman will orgasm through rape than simply being fucked but to help the process on just pay a lot of attention to stimulating our clit! That way you can more or less force the most unwilling girl to orgasm for you which of course is in itself a clear sign of consenting to being raped. If it's done properly rape is the most fulfilling sex a girl will ever have! Yes, the feminists hate that but it's a fact of biology.