Thursday, 18 August 2011



For a girl, the whole idea of privacy, which can only be based on the idea of having a separate, independent self and an individual personal identity, is ridiculous and should be firmly squashed. 

Only gentlemen are entitled to a private life; a girl’s whole existence must be lived out in public, before a (mainly) male audience. She HAS no private life, every aspect of a girl’s existence having to be as an extension of a man. Every action in her life, however small, must always be carried out in public, in full view of others, preferably gentlemen.

She must be under constant observation twenty-four hours a day. No matter how trivial or how intimate an action she is carrying out, she must be at all times closely watched, either physically or on CCTV and preferably by using both methods.

A girl, even when she is alone, must never be out of the sight and hidden control of her male superiors. Her continual nudity is yet another way of reinforcing her lack of privacy. So is the legal requirement that if she goes out of her home she must always carry an identity card with her. 

The identity card itself is deliberately designed to demonstrate her innate inferiority as a mere female, being a full-length portrait of her naked, with her legs spread, and both front and rear views of her nudity being required on the document, as well as her fingerprints and personal data. Only females have to carry an identity card; males are exempt. Any male has the right to stop a female anywhere outside her home at any time and demand to see her identity card. He also has the right to carry out an on the spot strip search and full body cavity search. She has no choice but to hand over her ID card and to allow him to strip search her naked body. He has a legal right to do it and she has no legal right to refuse.

Even the most intimate of activities are not carried out in private. The law forbids what it calls “voluntary masturbation” by girls, although it allows “supervised masturbation” with a male watching and directing every aspect of her self-stimulation. A girl isn’t even allowed to frig herself off in private – only with a man watching and directing the whole thing!

Because of the mandatory nudity for females, even if a girl’s having her period she isn’t allowed to wear a sanitary towel. She’ll only be allowed to use a tampon to deal with her menstrual flow.

Even when she’s having sex it must always be recorded on DVD and if the man who was fucking her decides he wants to, made to watch an “action replay” of the whole process, especially if he wants to use the film to criticise her “performance,” her body or the girl in general. Carrying on like that is likely to be pretty standard practice among gentlemen in the new post-feminist order. It all helps to remind her of her inferiority to him in every possible way.

Girls have to get used to being naked, never allowed any privacy, not allowed access to a phone, a computer, the internet, not allowed to send a letter or see anyone without the express permission of a man. Even when they sleep they will be monitored 24 hours a day by CCTV cameras and hidden tapes that will pick up everything she does or says.    

Even when she goes to the toilet that will be monitored too. If she’s on her own at home cameras and recording equipment will record every second of the girl doing her business; if she’s outside the home and needs to “go” she’ll have to stop the nearest male she sees and ask him to allow her to piss or shit. 

Since it’s against the law for a girl to use any public toilet without being accompanied by a man, he’ll go with her and stand in front of her while she goes in. The cubicles in female toilets don’t have any doors so he’ll be able to see the whole thing from start to finish. Her doing her business will also be recorded on the cameras and sound tape equipment in the toilets.

Like I said, EVERY aspect of a girl’s life has to be carried out in public and in full view of gentlemen. She has NO life of her own and her ONLY existence is as an extension of gentlemen.


  1. Well put. A female has NO independent existence at all. The world would be such a better place if all females understood and accepted this.

  2. A couple of points. If a female is not allowed to wear clothes, how can she be strip searched?

    Some females cannot use tampons for physical reasons (i am one) so it's pads or nothing.

    i don't think just any man should be allowed to stop a female and inspect her, but he can ask an authority figure to do it on his behalf, such as a police officer. Any man being able to inspect any female could be intrusive to the female's owner who has sent her on the errand. Also, it might interfere with his right to decide who can use his property or not.

  3. Very interesting post, I agree women has no private life of her own. She is inferior to men, she has no rights, and there is no reason to have privacy. What do you think about the menstra hut? I hace a slave who has no right to close the bathroom door, no matter if she piss or shit or cahnging her sanitary towel. She undestand that she is only a woman, just like an animal, inferior to Men in all.
    and she like it and love it. Peter