Monday, 15 August 2011

Prostitution in a post-feminist society

        Prostitution in a post-feminist society

At the moment the laws on prostitution are crazy and totally unfair to Men. It’s crazy that gentlemen should have to pay a whore to use her body and that she should then be able to live off the proceeds of that. It’s even more unfair that a gentleman can be arrested and punished just for doing that. I mean, how crazy is it that a whore is willing to sell her body for money and yet he gets punished just for giving the girl what she wants?
      So what’s the best solution? IMO, the post-feminist society will institute such radical changes in sexual relations that prostitution in future will be pretty much a specialist market mainly for rich gentlemen.
      In terms of the law, it should still be IMO a criminal offence for a girl to solicit men for sex; after all, that’s her trying to get money out of gentlemen for something that she ought to be giving them for nothing! I reckon it should also still be an offence for a girl to earn money out of selling her body because otherwise she’s living off immoral earnings and we can’t have her doing that, can we?.So if she tries to make money out of selling her body that makes her a whore and whoring should still be a crime.  
      So how should we regulate the limited amount of prostitution that will remain for rich, specialist clients? The most obvious solution is to grant licenses to gentlemen, organisations run by gentlemen or possibly the local authorities to operate brothels. In these places the girls will be subject to the authority of the owner and management of the brothel, who obviously can only be men. They will hire out the girl for gentlemen to use and they will take all the profits of the transaction between the gentlemen wishing to buy and those offering the girl’s services.  That would mean that the girl could still be fucked or used sexually by the gentlemen in any way they wanted as long as they’d agreed on it beforehand with the brothel or the girl’s legal owner. A gentleman who wanted to pay to use a whore for more specialist services could still do so but she wouldn’t be able to live off immoral earnings any more since the fee to use her services would, quite rightly, be paid by the gentlemen to the brothel management or the girl’s legal owner instead of to the whore herself. A win-win all round; the sex goes on, the money changes hands but this time not a penny of it goes into the girl’s pocket! She’d still be a whore but the law would classify her as a “voluntary whore” rather than as a “whore for money.”
      I think it would also be a good idea (I’ll write more about it when I post on education) if whores went into schools to give sex education classes to the students. They’d be able to make sex education really come alive and give the youngsters the benefit of all their experience so they’d be able to enjoy the full range of sexual activities from an early age through direct hands-on experience!
      Obviously the girls would have to be checked out by doctors on a daily basis to make sure they’re clean.  After all, we wouldn’t want the whores passing on any of their nasty sexually transmitted diseases to their gentlemen customers, would we?
So how exactly would prostitution be regulated in a post-feminist society? In the first place it would be a legal requirement for the girl to be registered with the local authority and a central database as a “voluntary whore.” Her legal owner or the management of the brothel would sign a legally binding document in which they give a clear undertaking that under no circumstances will the girl receive a penny for any services that she offers to her gentlemen customers, all the money she makes going directly to the brothel or to her legal owner.
She is not even allowed to accept gifts like a meal, a box of chocolates or even a bunch of flowers. Only her owners may profit financially from her whoring. They also promise to pay 1% of the income from her services to the government in tax. She will have no say in what the customers want to do to her and no right to refuse to let them do anything they want as long as the management of the brothel or her legal owner have first agreed the transaction between them.
The girls would be given “performance ratings” by the customers and those who got high scores would be rewarded while the ones with low scores would be punished. If a gentleman complains about a whore only his word will be taken and of course the girl will be punished for failing to give him satisfaction. Anything goes with a voluntary whore and she’s not allowed to refuse any demand or to complain about her treatment.
I could say a lot more about this but it’ll do for starters, right?


  1. This is a devilishly brilliant strategy. You manage to ensure that prostitutes are available, while also making sure they don't get any money or power out of it. Even though it'd all be perfectly legal, we'd still be able to look down on these skanks as the bottom of society, and rightly so.

  2. Thank you, Sir. Your last sentence sums it all up brilliantly!

  3. Prostitution is not an exchange with equal consideration - both parties get sex (so 1 for 1), but one gets money and possibly sperm while the other gives money and sperm.

    With the brothel owning the women, it becomes acceptable as the man is paying the brothel for use of its possessions - provided the fees are fair, there is no excess going to either party.