Saturday, 9 November 2013

Intelligence in females

In an earlier post i briefly touched on the fact that a girl's brain is connected directly to her cunt. Her brain is also smaller than a Man's and is easily aroused by stimulating or penetrating her cunt.

It's no accident that with some exceptions Men are more intelligent than females. They have a cock and balls while we only have a cunt.

All our thinking, feeling, sensations and other brain processes are totally defined and dominated by the fact that we HAVE a cunt.

And it's no accident that one of the most frequent Male insult is 'you stupid cunt!' Real Men know instinctively that a cunt is associated INHERENTLY with stupidity and that females, HAVING cunts, are (with a few minor exceptions) always MORE stupid than Men.

So when a Man calls a girl a stupid cunt He's not just insulting her (though of course He's doing that too) but He's reminding her that the SOURCE of her stupidity is BECAUSE she's a female, simply BECAUSE she has a cunt.

So simply through the fact of being born with a cunt rather than a Manly cock and balls nature condemns us to a lifetime of stupidity, at least in comparison with the majority of Men.

Some of it's DNA as well; in any successful or clever female you can always see Masculine traits and if you analysed their DNA girls like that would have an extra Male chromosome just as wimpish men have an extra female one. But we're talking at the most optimistic estimate no more than 5% of females. The rest of us really ARE stupid fucking cunts.

So accepting that we ARE inherently stupid just BECAUSE we've got a cunt, how should we think, feel and act in the light of that knowledge?

Obviously we should stop even trying to compete with Men because we're inferior and stupid and bound to fail. WE should stop demanding equal rights when we're obviously NOT equal to Men. Instead of trying to take charge of situations we should ask Men for help and leadership. Rather than demanding 'rights' we should start fulfilling our duties. We should accept Male leadership and simply try to fulfil our purpose in life, to serve Men and to be fucked or otherwise used by them for their pleasure.

All those are essential changes both externally and internally. How should us girls think and feel about ourselves knowing that our cunt dooms us to a life of irretrievable stupidity and failure?

Well, there are several ways of reacting to that realisation.

One is the futile feminist road of denial and simply blaming female stupidity on 'lack of opportunity' or 'the patriarchy.'

Since it's obvious bollocks i'm not even going to waste any time dissing THAT crock of shit!

Another is to accept it grudgingly, resent the fact and at best try to minimise its effects. That tends to lead to mental confusion and an unfocused female who falls between two stools and isn't much good to anyone.

Then there's the 'consensual submissive' way, a contradiction in terms if ever there was one. Since by definition submission MEANS total surrender to the will of another, how 'consent' comes into that is beyond me. That's just for people who play at submission and just look on it as a sexual turn-on rather than grasping the fact that it applies in EVERY aspect of life and NOT just in sex.

And of course there's nature's way, to accept and embrace our own natural inferiority, stupidity, incapacity and utter fucking helplessness without the leadership and Ownership of a Man.

The caption to a cartoon i posted on my JPU forum illustrates the truth in a humorous way. Two females are talking and one says to the other:

'They say men think with their penises.'

The other girl answers: 'That must be why women are so stupid.'

Many a true word is said in jest and that cartoon which i found somewhere on the web is no exception. Men think with their cock and balls which makes them smart and clever; girls think with their cunt which makes them slow and stupid.

So the next time a Man tells you that you're a stupid fucking cunt you should accept and embrace His criticism of you.

After all, that really IS all that we are!


  1. "Another is to accept it grudgingly, resent the fact and at best try to minimise its effects. That tends to lead to mental confusion and an unfocused female who falls between two stools and isn't much good to anyone."

    I agree that masculine pursuits can cause a woman to fall between two stools and not be much good to anyone. For instance, the pursuit of stout beer. Once I have some stout beer, I always fall between two stools (or chairs, if there are no stools around), and stagger around slurring my words like an idiot. Best not to let me drive, in that case.

  2. Are the successful or clever females equal to men or are they still inferior to men?

  3. If an intelligent, smart and educated woman lacked a Y chromosome, would she be considered a cunt?


    1. Yes, but just because all women are cunts doesn't mean they're all thick!

  4. What about females like Marie Curie? Are they considered to be cunts?

  5. Well, all females are cunts but of course there are some females who are more intelligent than others.

    Some men can be real morons; just having a cock doesn't guarantee superior brain cells!

    But overall men are more intelligent than women.

    As for how the exceptions - the talented and intelligent women - should be regarded I think they deserve credit for what they do.

    It's not so much a question of dissing the genders; it's more about how society and culture is organised so that the right approach is taken.

  6. Do you believe that women ought to act stupid as part of submission to their men regardless of any native intelligence?

  7. Well, in the first place i think that women simply ARE stupid by nature. But i definitely think that as part of our submission to Men we should also take care to EMPHASISE our stupidity and make it totally obvious that we ARE stupid.

  8. Lmao wowsers ur "joke" at the end is sooo tru! only problem is Men also think with their balls...there's a reason its called "hanging brain" when a Man shows off his big swinging nutsack!!! and surprise surprise us girls have NOTHING there...unless a Man gives it to us, of course! without Men, our stupid little cunts are just as empty as our heads!