Thursday, 7 November 2013

The nature of being female - part four

What i am is SIMPLY (more or less - i'll come on to what else we are at the end of this post) a cunt. As a female what i am is what i have - a dirty cunt that hangs uselessly between my legs. It humiliates me and because i have a cunt i don't have the same kind of sexuality that Men do. A Man has a strong and powerful cock with balls that thrust and penetrate and take me. As a girl i only have a cunt. Because i have a cunt i have NO rights, no capabilities, nothing. No freedom, no sense of worth, nothing. A total zero and all because i have a cunt. i'm a female, born with a cunt between my legs instead of a strong Manly prick and the balls that go with it.

Being female is an insult in itself. Real Men know that and insult other men by calling them girls or women or pussies or anything that suggests that the other man is NOT a REAL Man but someone who DOESN'T have a cock and balls but only a cunt.

So of course i AM a cunt. i'm a girl, a woman, a female. Yes, it's true; i don't have a cock or balls, i only have tits and a cunt. And of course reminding me that BECAUSE i have a cunt i AM a cunt is deeply humiliating and yet a perfectly fair and accurate way of reminding me of the inherent Male dominance over me simply BECAUSE of their equipment and my lack of it.

So i've got tits and a cunt and because i've got those things that defines me as female and therefore inferior. Because i've got a cunt I AM a cunt. And it's quite right to call me a cunt, a bitch, a slut, a whore, a tart, a slag, a cow, a slapper, a bimbo because simply BECAUSE i've got a cunt i AM all those things.

Having a cunt means to me that i'm always in second place in society, in gender relations, in education, in jobs, in life, in sexual activity and just in every way there is. All because i have a cunt. All i am is a hole to be penetrated by a Man and just having a cunt means that's what my role in life actually is. The mere fact that i've got inferior genitals makes me inherently inferior and inherently put on this earth to be used by Men.

So OK, what exactly am i saying? Am i saying that we should be ashamed of having a cunt? Yes, in a way, but that doesn't mean i wish i didn't have one or i wish i was a Man. To be honest i enjoy my cunt and think it's good that it can help to please Men by being fucked. But in every aspect of life having a cunt does bring with it certain inherent consequences and maybe at times us girls aren't fully aware of what they mean.

Let's look at the physical aspects of being born with a cunt. A girl's cunt is soft, open, wet, easily available, a hole that's placed between our legs to get penetrated and fucked and it's an inherently submissive part of our body that was designed by nature for the specific purpose of giving Men pleasure by fucking us. We also bleed once a month which is a big pain and yet again we see how nature endowed us with an inferior status in life. We are also born to be the baby carriers of the world and heave around future children inside us for nine months. (i've had three now so i know what i'm talking about!)

Now let's look at the psychological aspects of having a cunt. It means we're programmed biologically to have babies, to expect to be fucked and to be submissive towards Men. It's because i have a cunt that i am a mother, a fuck-toy and a female submissive. It's because i have a cunt that i was born to give pleasure to Men. Because of my cunt i'm inferior to Men and my own sexual identity is simply that of a vessel in which Men empty their sperm. This is what having a cunt means on the sexual level - to have no right to any pleasure of my own but simply to experience sexual pleasure through being used by Men for their sexual pleasure. It's the Man who uses me who defines my sexuality and my sexual identity. Sex is not a free choice on my part; it's not something over which i have any control or choice. Being fucked is something that happens TO me and NOT something i initiate or control. It's certainly NOT for my pleasure that a Man fucks me; it's not about me or about me benefiting from it. A Man fucks me for HIS pleasure and that's what it's all about. Sex, fucking, rape, bondage, humiliation and all the other aspects of my sexuality belong to me only in a passive sense; i'm the object, the receiver, the hole that's used. And i always WILL experience sex like that and i SHOULD always experience sex like that simply because i have a cunt.

It's obvious if i look at my cunt how malformed it is when compared with the Male equipment. It's smaller, the clitoris is a failed attempt at a female cock, it's open and defenceless compared with the protective covering for the Male; and it's just inferior as a tool to the Man's equipment in every way. That doesn't mean a cunt is useless or contemptible; apart from pissing out of it a cunt also has its most primitive and primordial use in being fucked. It's what it's meant for; it reinforces on every level my own inferiority as a mere female. In sex as in life Men are superior and we were put there to serve them and to be used for their pleasure. And our cunt is proof of that assessment in itself. A cunt is just an object to be used by Men, a hole to be filled by them and other than that it's useless.

With one exception - being the delivery channel for new life. Femininity is absolutely biologically hardwired into our bodies and nowhere more so than in the experience of pregnancy and birth. Men fuck us and if we're lucky we get pregnant and the Man leaves us to carry the burden about for nine months. A lot of the time the discomfort and problems caused by pregnancy are almost unbearable and we can barely function to an extent. And then there's the contractions, the labour pains, the whole horrifically painful process of giving birth. Sure, you can have a Caesarean which at least makes the actual process of birth less traumatic. But speaking as a Mum who's had three kids the natural way and would never even consider a Caesarean i think that the whole experience of natural birth also teaches us girls some fundamentally important lessons about life.

In the first place there's the whole burden of pregnancy - physical and psychological. It's uncomfortable and often actually painful and it also leads to wild mood swings as hormones in the body get mixed up. Then when you get to the time the baby's due you have agonising pain and suffering all centred around and focused on your cunt. And so we see that the evidence of pregnancy is that nature has designed our cunts from the moment of our births to feel and experience pain. Even the act of bringing new life into the world is painful, degrading and a huge relief when it's over at last. So what that shows is that not only is our cunt designed to be fucked, raped and used by Men but that it's also designed by nature to feel pain. Once again we see that a female is inferior to a Man in every way and that our cunts were designed for their benefit and not for our own.

And if you look at fucking a Man gets immediate and obvious pleasure from it; He gets aroused, shoots His load inside us and then goes on to other things and doesn't give a shit about what He's done. If He's raped us then He'll almost certainly have hurt us as well and yet strangely a girl who IS raped rather than fucked is MORE likely to orgasm (one survey done of 1000 raped girls found ALL had orgasmed; most surveys report figures of around 60% of raped women orgasming. The lowest figures i've seen are 40% of girls who've been raped orgasming. So, once again, the association for a female of sex and pain or at least of painful sex is undeniable.

And even 'consensual' fucking can be painful for the girl especially if the Man has a big prick or she has a small tight cunt. Rough fucking will always be painful for her and rape can be psychologically humiliating as well as painful. So the association between being fucked and experiencing pain is pretty constant. And that's just if you're fucked up the cunt - being fucked up the arse can be VERY painful and even sucking a Man's cock doesn't give a girl any pleasure though it does the Man which of course is what's important.

And if you ARE hurt during sex it's almost ecstatic to feel the soreness of your cunt and the swelling of your labia. To be fucked roughly or to be raped gives an extra frisson of pain and humiliation and discomfort to the experience which once again shows our natural inferiority because it HEIGHTENS our sexual experience and nature obviously DESIGNED us girls so that we WOULD feel more sexual satisfaction if our fucking was combined with a touch of pain.

So it reinforces the truth that my wet and bruised cunt is utterly vulnerable, useless and incapable of self-defence and all it can do is to undergo pain, rough and degrading fucking or brutal rape and there is absolutely NOTHING that i can do about it.

Having a cunt is an outward and visible sign of our inferiority and it's degrading in itself. It's a constant reminder that the gaping hole between your legs is the SOLE reason you ARE inferior, the SOLE reason you're NOTHING, the SOLE reason you deserve nothing better than being used by a Man for His pleasure and that you have NO value and you mean NOTHING to Him. All you are is a female, a woman, a girl, a member of the second sex, the lower sex, the useless and worthless sex. And you belong to that weaker and lower sex simply BECAUSE you have a cunt.

Because you have a cunt you are weak, stupid, not even human. All you are is an object to be used and property to be owned by a Man. A Man feels power and enjoyment in His dominant sexual pleasure while you can feel only the sense of being an object that He uses to bring Himself pleasure, a vessel to carry His sperm, incubate and give birth to His child. All that you are is a cunt with a body attached to it, nothing more. It is your role in life to serve Him and be used by Him simply because you have a cunt. It's your role in life to be called a slut, a bitch, a cunt, a cow, a slag, a slapper, a hussy, a whore or bimbo and you know in your heart and mind - and especially in your cunt - that all those things He says about you are true and true just BECAUSE you have a cunt. All you are is His slave simply because you have a cunt.

So is that all there is to us? We're just our cunts and nothing else?

Well, almost; about 90% of us IS defined simply by our cunt.

But we've also (when we reach puberty) got tits and we also have an arse and gob.

We are (as a Gentleman recently said to me) just three-holed twats with tits.

And that really DOES define us completely.

i've already written in another post about how our tits define us and what their proper purpose and use is so in the next section i'll deal with our arses and in the one after that our gobs.


  1. Interesting. Are you getting all this out for other cunts out there? Or do you have daughters who you're practicing for when they ask why they're cunts?

    1. Both; i hope i can have an impact on the wider world through the internet but i've also raised my two daughters and my Son to understand what it means to be female and how our lives should be

    2. Do your daughters agree that females are inferior to males? Do they accept that as truth?