Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The nature of being female - Part Two

During the course of the next few weeks my future Husband explained more and more about the nature of being a female. As well as His own wise words i also did a lot of soul-searching and thinking and read as much as i could on the subject.

And the conclusion i came to, partly with His help, partly what i discovered in my researches and partly just by thinking, was that i as a woman, a female, a girl, was the weaker sex and not simply weaker but also inferior. Simply BECAUSE i was female.

All the propaganda about equality and rights and special privileges and how men were male chauvinists and sexist pigs if they didn't treat me like that was wrong.

We're certainly physically weaker than Men; there are far fewer (even proportionate to population and in the West at least with not just equal opportunities but even special favours given to us) scientists, engineers, doctors and businesswomen.

We've got smaller brains than Men and we're less adept at skilful tasks and we find it harder to focus and concentrate and multitask than Men.

All these things are relevant and reinforced my growing sense of inferiority. But it wasn't just that ever since my rape i'd learned to become addicted to rough sex and to be sexually submissive. It was more than just the sexual aspect of my growing awareness of my own inferiority that struck me.

i am a female and that means - though it took me a few months of fighting against the idea - that i am a lesser being than a man. i am a second-class citizen and always will be. Because of my birth and my gender i am destined by nature to be an entirely inferior being simply BECAUSE i am female. In and of myself i have NO purpose in life; my whole raison d'etre is to be used by Men and to serve and please them. That and that alone is the sole purpose of my existence.

This truth took me a while to grasp but now i feel it in every fibre of my body, in every nerve cell of my mind, in every vessel carrying blood through my heart. Most of all i feel this truth within my cunt.

When i'm fucked by a Man i feel utterly fulfilled and it's as if that makes me feel worthwhile and happy. And i've learned that this feeling is no accident. Apparently our cunt (science has discovered) has a direct connection to our brains and so when our cunt is happy we are happy. So every time i'm fucked i'm happy.

And since more scientific research has shown (i'll dig out and post the link) that if a female is raped she will experience orgasm and since when i orgasm it's the whole centre of the universe it's obvious that being raped is BETTER sex than just being fucked - let alone 'made love to.'

And my submissive nature is natural and instinctive and it fills my whole body and mind and heart and soul but of course most of all it traces back to its natural source - my cunt. When a Man uses my cunt He is making me serve my natural function and purpose in life.

It is my cunt, the gaping hole between my legs, that defines me and governs my whole existence. Because i have a cunt i was born for one purpose and one purpose only - to serve Men.

My cunt was made to be used by Men for their pleasure and in its use by them i find the highest pleasure a female can ever hope to experience. When i am not being raped i long for the power, the force, the dominating thrust and penetration of an erect cock using my cunt. The whole nature of my existence, my whole identity, is simply and solely defined by my cunt and its whole function and purpose is to be used by a Man for His pleasure.

And i've said already that rape is the only REAL sex; that rape gives you orgasms you can hardly ever get just with being fucked; that rape also reinforces my own sense of inferiority, of service, of being simply an object to be used.

So what IS the nature of being a female?

Put simply it means - to have a cunt.

It is my cunt that defines me, makes me inferior, forced by my own inner nature to serve.

A cunt is made to be fucked, raped, used, penetrated, hurt and whored out for Men to use for their pleasure. To be female is to have a cunt and to be no more than a cunt to be used by Men, to serve them, to try to please them, to receive pain at their hands, to be humiliated, compelled to obey and to have no will of your own.

A female is simply an object for Men's use, a servant to try to make His life better, a slave with the whole essence of her being simply to direct all her thoughts, will, emotions and actions towards His pleasure. Everything we do or say should be intended to give pleasure to Men.

And what is it that makes us all that? Simply because we are BORN inferior with inferior genital equipment and inferior bodies.

We are female; we are weak, stupid, born to serve and born to be used by Men.

Instead of a Manly cock and balls i have only tits and a cunt to offer.

It is my tits and especially my cunt that defines me and makes me what i am.

However hard i try to deceive myself my body knows the truth.

i am female, born with a cunt, and as a result of that born to serve Men, to please Men and be used by them.

That is what defines me and gives me my purpose in life.


  1. Also if you look at the animal kingdom (specifically mammals) you see that the females of the species are always the weaker and dumber. The males always seem to be the more evolved and the females primary job is to just breed and have the offspring. Why would humans be any different? Feminists (or cuntists as I call them) never seem to have an answer for this.

    1. Makes tend to be smaller in the animal kingdom. Depending on how far you get away from mammals, some insect colonies are made entirely from females and then makes are bred specifically for mating.